Saturday, 28 April 2012

Wash Day...

To those of you living in the UK, you'll know that we've seen bucket loads of rain over the last couple of weeks. I really haven't bothered trying to be a 1950's starlet by pin curling my hair, as one step out the front door later, I would just look like I'd been dragged through a hedge backwards. Wet, windy weather and curly hair is a very tricky combination! Not even an expertly wrapped headscarf would help! It has rained a lot, but I'm not complaining. Parts of the UK have been under a hosepipe ban, so we need it. They are showers of blessing! So, amidst what feels like the 40 days and 40 nights of Noah, I thought I'd make a cheerful collage as a reminder of hazy sunny know, wash days, the kind where you can step outside with the laundry basket and peg it on the line whilst whistling 'Oh what a beautiful morning'!

A perfect wash day is my favourite kind of day. The sun shines down warm and bright, a little inoffensive breeze is blowing ever so gently through one's cotton dress, and cheer abounds everywhere! On such a day one can always hear the happy chatter of birds in the garden, and somewhere in the distance there is the productive humming of a lawnmower, eagerly chomping on the long grass that signals summer is here. Oh, I do love the smell of freshly cut grass! And of course, on such a day one can inhale the sweetness of honeysuckle and jasmine, or lingering lavender. It's a day when one truly feels happy to be alive, a day that calls for all the senses to be pleasured!

I dream of having a white goose (a friendly one!) in my garden, or a waddling duck...That would make my wash day picture perfect!

It is about 6:45am right now, I have not long got out of bed to the quiet of this Sunday, and guess what I can hear right now? The steady pitter patter of raindrops against the window! Well, today I can still sing 'Oh what a beautiful morning', just for different reasons. After all, summer wash days will get here...eventually!

Happy Sunday to you!
Blessings xxx


  1. That perfect wash day sounds beautiful! I live in the UK and right now all I can hear is severe winds and LOADS of rain! But like you say- we need it. Happy sunday x

  2. Oh we could sure use that rain here in the Southwest USA. We have plenty of wind though here. And I know what you mean about curly hair in wind and rain, ha, ha.

  3. If I close my eyes I can just about imagine a perfect summers day by your discription.

  4. What a pretty collage! I love this's so refreshing! Enjoy your weekend, rain or shine!

  5. Hello gorgeous Tania! I always look forward to your lovely posts! I love seeing your beautiful photos, fabulous creations and reading your sweet words! Not only are you creative and talented with your sewing and crafting, but you are truly a gifted writer! You have a way with words dear friend! Your lovely descriptions make me feel as if I am there, and I enjoyed every moment of it! I love your Wash Day embroidery and fabric collage! Your creations are always so original and stunning! I love all of the details and the goose is so cute! I love how you frame your work too. Your stitches are perfect and I loved seeing the close-ups of this! It is really clever how you made the clothing and laundry basket dimensional! I hope you will see sunny skies soon! I have heard that England is getting a lot of rain and bad weather. It is good you can still be cheerful and thankful for it! That kind of attitude is what gets us through difficult times! :) My lovely, sweet friend, I hope you have a beautiful and fun week! I can hardly wait to see what else you have made! I finished a few things over the weekend and did a sketch for an embroidery and appliqué inspired by your darling owls! I can hardly wait to get started on it! Sending you much love and hugs and kisses across the pond! Love you, Paula xoxo


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