Thursday, 19 April 2012

Nifty little needle books

Hello my dear friends! Well, this week has flown by like a race horse on Derby day! The kids are back at school after the Easter holidays, so at last I'm catching up on the laundry pile, and squeezing in some much needed sewing time! I've been beavering away, working on my own design of little needle books, and so far I've turned out six designs. It's so hard to fit everything in into twenty-four hours! As someone commented on Pinterest: 'I'll sleep when I'm dead!" Well, I am a girl who likes quality duvet time, and one has to be sensible about these things, but I have a feeling that I'll be chained to my Elna for a good chunk of unsociable hours to get all the projects I'm working on done and dusted. Anyhow, back to the little needle books. I've been toying with an idea to make these for some time now, and at last they're coming to life!

Number one...

Number two...

And then there were three...

And a few more...

For the love of butterflies...

These have been so much fun to make! I suppose it's because it's a little like scrapbooking, but in fabric form. Since I starting sewing in earnest, I've not devoted much time to scrapbooking, and I really do miss paper crafting! But, all in good time hey?

Just a quick post today, but will hopefully have a good old chinwag soon! Blessings to you wherever you are!



  1. Those are just adorable! Great job!

  2. Just popped in from Sew Many Ways FaFF love your needlebooks and your vintage vibe!

  3. The needlebooks are beautiful. Just found you on sew many ways.
    I look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous creations. Ali x

  4. Your needle books are just darling! I have some of the McCalls fabric like your girls in the third picture - what a great way to use them.
    I came over from the Sew Many Ways FaFF and now follow your blog

  5. Your needle books are sew sweet! I love the "pattern" fabric! I agree sometimes playing with fabric is like scrapping and scrapping is like quilting! I got some of my scrapbook stuff out the other day and realized its been way too long since I did any scrappin! I may have to schedule Scrappin on Mondays and stitchin on tuesdays or something!

  6. Hello beautiful Tania! Such a delightful post as always! Oh, you do make me laugh! I am with you, we do need sleep! I never have enough time to complete all I would like to in one day, but then, that does give us something to look forward to the next day! :) I adore your gorgeous needle cases and that you designed them yourself! They are brilliant and I love how you used "patterns" in your design! These are so unique and pretty sweetheart! They are going to sell quickly!!! I love the butterflies too! You are so talented and creative! You sew beautifully and perfectly!!! I hope you have a lovely Friday and weekend and have lots of time for sewing more of your gorgeous creations! You are very inspiring dear friend! Thank you for visiting me and for your sweet comments! Your friendship is a blessing from the Lord! Lots of love and hugs! xo~Paula

  7. just came over from Sew Many Ways and loved your needlebooks. the fabric is beautiful. Your work is so neat! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Love your needlebooks, very cute. I came over from Sew Many Ways. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love them!!! You always have the coolest projects.

  10. Would love to see inside of the needle books


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