Monday, 16 April 2012

'Owl' get there...eventually...

I woke up today with a new surge of enthusiasm to put my dear old Elna through it's paces, and to sew up a storm! I knew exactly what project I wanted to tackle today, as I'm preparing for a May Day Fair, and I have a list as long as my arm of what still needs to be done! Now, why is it that today of all days, I couldn't get into the swing of things? I new what I wanted to do, but ended up doing a lot of unpicking, and feeling frustrated as I just couldn't seem to get the little things right. I had planned to make at least ten of these little owl keyrings/bookbag buddies, but made just three!

Do you sometimes get your needles, thread and knickers in a knot when things don't quite go according to plan? Just me then? Anyhow, I suppose three is better than none, and there is always tomorrow...(And tonight! Planning to burn the midnight oil!)

Number 2...

And then there were three...

So, I would love to stay a while and chat, but as you can see, I need to be a wise old owl and get cracking with the sewing! Don't worry though, owl be back! (Sorry couldn't resist!)

Blessings, Tania ♥


  1. Hello beautiful Tania! I love your darling owls! Oh, you always make me smile... "owl be back!" I am so excited for you and I know you will do well at the Fair! Dear friend, I struggle with the same thing. You are not alone! I get filled with enthusiasm and then can't keep things going, or have lots of piddly mistakes! I always find it is best to walk away for a bit and try again later. You did a beautiful job with your owls and I love all of the sweet details! I know you will be able to finish more. Three is quite a accomplishment, so don't be hard on yourself. Look forward to seeing all your handmades sweetie! Much love, Paula xo

  2. I just love your little owls. And frustration seem to go hand in hand when I am making some of my projects. But in the end, i am usually happy. I think your three little owls are great!

  3. Dear sweet Tania,
    You are so clever! Your little pink owls are adorable! They put a smile on my face!
    Thank you for you thoughtful comments on my blog. You are such a sweetheart!
    Carolynn xoxo


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