Friday, 20 April 2012

Friday Fancies...

Hip-hip-hooray! The weekend has arrived in all it's wonderfully 'no-early-mornings-for-two-days' glory! That is of course, if you don't have little children! Our little man is thankfully not a dawn chorus birdie, and is kind and generous towards mummy and daddy in the morning! If, however, one needs to rise early to fit in a spot of weekend thrifting, the saying 'early bird catches the worm' definitely applies. I have learned this many a day, that if treasure is out there, one has to move quick. This applies of course to the boot sale hunt that is a bit of in institution here in the UK at weekends. As it's Friday, I thought I'd share some of my thrifting finds with you to get you in the mood! These are little things that I have collected over time, and that put a smile on my face!

They say diamonds are a girls best friend...I'm partial to pearls...I hasten to add that these beauties are obviously costume jewelry, but lovely nonetheless! A collection built up over time...

A little addition to my ever growing collection of brooches! Like most, I adore flowers, and this one shouted out 'pick me'!

More flowers...The lovely Portmeirion trinket jar now houses hairnets for pin curling days! The vintage brooch is one of my favourite finds ever!

I adore deer, and have started a little collection. There is something about the innocence in their eyes that says 'take me home'! I thought I'd share these with you after seeing Jane's lovely collection on her blog today. Go and take a peek @ all the luck in the world.

For the love of books...and tea...I found this lovely old book, 'Two's Company' in a thrift shop. It was printed in 1949, and is a lovely story about good old fashioned friendship and camaraderie. 

Pretty tea cups are just a thing of beauty...and a weakness of mine! 

Many years ago, when we still lived in London, I would spend many a weekend wandering around Greenwich market. I found a selection of door jewelry which I bought, not quite knowing what I was going to use them for, but I thought they were pretty and decorative. A little while ago I decided to use them as mini frames in my daughter's room, to create a little vignette of inspiring words.

A little reminder...

Words to encourage...

Words to inspire...

A little vignette...

I hope that you will enjoy whatever you have planned this weekend! Blessings, anf happy thrifting to you!



  1. Tania I given you the Liebster Award check it out on my blog.

  2. Hello again sweet Tania! I enjoyed this lovely post too! I am so glad you enjoy thrifting and I hope you find lots of goodies tomorrow! It is such fun! I wish we had the car boot sales here! There isn't much good thrifting in our area, but I do enjoy the antique shops, though sometimes things are too expensive. I love your gorgeous jewelry! I think costume jewelry is the best and that is all I have, except for my wedding rings! :) The flower pin is so cheerful and sweet! I can see why you picked it! The tin is lovely, as is your other flower pin! I have a collection of vintage deer too! I will have to share them. Yours are so sweet! I just love their darling faces! The book is beautiful and sounds wonderful! I love stories like that!!! Vintage books are fabulous! The teacup and saucer is beautiful! I have a fondness for collecting those too! I love what you did with the door jewelry for your sweet daughter's room! They made a lovely vignette and the words are so inspiring! Enjoy your weekend dear friend! I look forward to seeing your finds! Much love, Paula xoxo

  3. goodness, Tania!
    You have spied such sparkling goodness in each one of your treasures! I, too, always keep my eye out for vintage brooches and pins. Your petite little fawns are so adorable!

    When I was a little girl of five my parents went out for a walk one evening and came back with a tiny spotted fawn in their arms. Sadly, his momma had been hit by a car and perished. My parents layed a white sheet on my lap and let me hold him. They snapped a photo and captured the moment. I will never forget this magical moment! I, too, have a love for deer...and, where I live, they are everywhere. They are so gentle and shy.
    Thank you for your beautiful post, my darling friend!
    Carolynn x x x

  4. Thanks for sharing your lucky finds. I'm thinking your boot sales are like our garage sales here in the US? I don't get to many but enjoy them when I get the chance. I've recently taken to aquiring a few cups and saucers myself.


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