Thursday, 9 June 2016

A little careful sifting...

Oh my...please, if I go missing, don't stick my picture on a lamp post and go looking for me... Chances are I am trapped underneath a pile of stuff in my living room! It has been a busy time of clearing out and sorting through all the things we've accumulated over the years, and I am just scratching the surface. This is all a very necessary exercise, as we are going to re-decorate the living room. It hasn't been done by us since we moved into our home ten years ago! Yikes! In the process, I am sifting through things, carefully deciding what to keep. It is rather painful, as I am a keen collector. Yes, I said collector, not hoarder. And I am saying this whilst sticking out my tongue, and winking at all of you! There is a very distinct difference...  Being a rather sentimental person too isn't helping at all, but I am doing the Marie Kondo test. Every time I look at something, I ask myself: 'Does this spark joy?' If my heart doesn't gallop, it needs to go. I will let you know how I get on. So today, a few snaps of some collected loveliness that does spark joy, and won't get the boot...

Wishing you all days filled with joy where you are!


Sunday, 5 June 2016

Kitchen reveal: Pastels and pink

Oh is just the most glorious day! After a week of moody grey clouds, it is so lovely to finally see blue skies! I have been waiting for a bright day to take some pictures of our newly decorated kitchen to share on here, and I have finally managed to capture it in lovely, warm daylight.

The walls in the kitchen have been looking a little tired, a faded blue that made me feel a little blue too! I have been threatening to paint it pink for months, and well, all I can say is...PINK!!! It is very pink now, but I absolutely love it! The table and chairs are finished too, in various shades of pastels. It feels very cheery in here now!

Along with a new wall colour, the change has prompted the addition of a few new pretties to tie in all the different shades used. A very dear friend of mine gave me a beautifully sewn embroidery hoop for my birthday. You'll notice it's my name 'growing' into pretty little button blooms. Isn't it beautiful? It sits above another appliqued canvas that she gave me a few years ago.

I did a bit of sewing myself, and made a new door curtain to hide the recycling bin. Goodness, those pleats took forever!

Another project was to add a new tablecloth, and I opted for oilcloth as I always do. With three messy children, and the kitchen table doubling up as a food prepping area, it is both beautiful and practical. I cut the tablecloth to size, and then painstakingly cut a scalloped edge all the way around the hem. It is rather laborious, but well worth the effort. It hangs so much better this way. I used the leftover scraps to make a little counter topper too.

Finally, my favourite Clarice Cliff plate has a proper home too! I love the combination of pink and green, and this cheers up one corner of the kitchen. The curtains are looking even lovelier next to a pink wall too. These were a fabulous find from a charity shop a few years ago. I still love them as much as the first day I hung them.

A little more green...two thrifted vintage glass dishes that I acquired some time ago. The colour is absolutely yummy! Perfect for serving little snacks to visitors!

And so, the kitchen is at last just the way I want it...pretty in pink! Not entirely sure the hubby agrees, but thankful that he lets me express myself in this way. I think he's secretly hoping there will be more time spent cooking and baking!

I hope you are also enjoying a bright day where you are! Thanks for stopping by.


Monday, 9 May 2016

Kitchen makeover

So it's been a little quiet on here again...Truth be told, I'm not entirely sure where this blog is staggering to... Life and responsibilities seem to trip it up, and every so often I manage to dust off it's bruised little knees, bandage it up with a few words and a few snaps, and send it into the big wide world that's the web. Let's hope this time it takes more than a few tentative steps, and manages to take big, confident strides towards the next post!

I have been contemplating a few changes to our little kitchen for some time now. It is probably the busiest room in our home, as I spend most of my time here preparing meals for the family...boy, do they eat a lot...and often! I have teased that perhaps it's time to invest in a cement mixer which I can just shovel heaps of food into, so the little gannets can have a constant supply of calories churning! Apart from meal times, we spend quite a bit of time at the kitchen table too, doing homework, drinking cups of tea, chatting and Skyping family back home in South Africa. I get bored very easily with the same interior after a while, so needless to say a change is what's needed in here. That, and also the fact that the walls are looking a little tired. Now, I'm not talking major makeovers. The budget and space does not allow for this at present. Just a little investment in colour is what's needed!

Our kitchen table was one of the first pieces of furniture that we purchased for our home, about sixteen years ago. We bought it from the Greenwich Antiques market, so it has certainly clocked up some mileage! It started life as a dark oak table, and since has had the legs painted. For the last seven years it paraded in a very respectable satinwood cream, but I decided once again that it was time for a change. Along with the chairs, the table has been given a new lease of life with a tin of Annie Sloan.

I have never shied away from bright colours, so I opted for a very vibrant Antibes green for the table legs. Yesterday I was asked why I only painted the legs, and not the whole table. I suppose it is to keep a little piece of it's original existence alive, and I do like the contrast of the bare wooden top with the brightly coloured legs. From a practical point of view, I am also frightfully aware of the fact that the table top takes quite a beating in a house of five, what with all the food preparation, eating and crafting that goes on...And who knows, dancing on the table might be on the cards too!

As for the chairs, well, a rainbow of pastels are in the making. I have chosen more yummy colours from Annie Sloan...Antoinette, Henrietta and Louis Blue...As for the fourth chair, I am still undecided. Perhaps a lovely sunny yellow? The best part is that I managed to get away with sample pots instead of large tins. A sample pot was more than enough to give a chair the two required coats for a good finish. Hooray shouts my thrifty soul! You will notice that the furniture has been distressed after painting. I don't like things too perfect...I prefer the lived in look. As it stands, the furniture will get knocked about quite a bit, and if it's already distressed, the odd scrape will blend in just fine!

This is a work in progress...I will undoubtedly be sharing more snaps with you as we progress with the kitchen's mini-makeover. There are still two chairs to paint, the walls to do and a lot of sorting and faffing. Watch this space! I would love your thoughts on picking a colour for the fourth chair!