Thursday, 22 September 2016

Hello Autumn...

Happy 1st day of Autumn! Yes, it's official today...from here on the nights will draw in thick and fast!

The weather is slowly turning after our last blast of warm summer sunshine...Who'd have thought we'd have high summer temperatures in mid September? Truth be told, I am ready for cooler autumnal mornings...crisp days with the warm glow of jewel colours covering a woodland floor...I am somewhat partial to all the lovely joys of autumn...candlelight, fairy lights, hot chocolate, cosy knits and warm socks. I always indulge in a little fall decorating at home too, as it gets me all cosied up for the chill that is coming.  I spent an hour or so re-dressing the mantel in the living room. I do this every year, as the kids love the changing seasons too. My daughter exclaimed excitedly that it is 'marshmallow and movie season' at the sight of the first orange pumpkin.

Some might think: 'What a waste of time?'  But for me it's just a little playtime! I work in an office all day, and I love my job, but at home I can indulge in my favourite pastime which is homemaking. It's a creative outlet for me, and I am fickle...I get bored so easily with my surroundings, and need to change things up a little...and frequently...

Now, I am really just a five year old in the body of a nearly 40 year old...yikes...that's a somewhat sobering thought! I love whimsical things, so this year there are a few old favourite forest creatures on the mantel...some handmade by me, and some collected over the years...I have teamed these up with my favourite autumn flourishes, a bouquet of Physalis and Asters. I love the bright, cheerful tones of these, and together with a few red berries it is the epitomy of fall. A few years ago, I made a wreath and leafy fabric garland. These come out every year to announce autumn's arrival. It's a it of a tradition now. As it's the first day of autumn, I thought I'd share some snaps. Do you indulge in a little seasonal decorating too? I'd love to hear from you! Here's to cosy days and woolly jumpers!


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