Friday, 6 July 2012

A little tweaking!

This week has seen more rain enveloping the UK, and it does feel like summer is never going to come! It does get to me after a while, and I have to try really hard not to descend into a state of hibernation! Some days I have to talk hard and loud to myself to even get out of my pyjamas...I find that if I stay busy, it helps, so I'm always 'playing house', trying to make work for myself! Not that I don't have lots to do, but I find scrubbing loos and hoovering very tedious! Of course it has to be done, and it does get done...sort of...

Anyhow, today it was the turn of my daughters room, to undergo a little tweaking. She was given the loveliest new duvet set for her birthday (thank you auntie Fiona!), so that gave me enough of an excuse to change things up a bit! About a year ago, I painted a tree mural on her bedroom wall, and Fiona gave her a bed set that compliments the theme just perfectly! The new bedlinen of owls and flowers match the painted wall of woodland creatures very nicely. And here it is...

My dear friend Fiona also made me a cushion for my birthday quite some time back, and it has pride of place on little miss Muffet's bed. Isn't it lovely?

Apart from the bed getting a little make-over, I also added a few other new touches. Finally the deer found a home!

Now, many years ago, just after the birth of our big girl, I craved to do something creative. This was before I started sewing and crafting. I discovered Scrapbooking, and a new passion took a hold of me. Sadly, I haven't indulged in this creative pastime for a very long time now, as I tend to do more sewing these days. But, here is a little project on canvas that I did a few years ago. I really do need to do more Scrapbooking!

The deer aren't the only new inhabitants...A little birdie has moved in too! The little birdhouse that I fashioned out of a recycled cardboard box, has stood empty for long enough!

And there it is! Another little part of our nest has been feathered! Have you been playing house too? I would love to hear about all your projects and homemaking. I hope you have a wondefully, happy and cheerful weekend!

Blessings, Tania ♥♥♥


  1. Hello Tania,

    All the things you make look so beautiful.
    I enjoyed to visit your blog.

  2. Oh Tania, little miss' bedroom looks beautiful! Loving all the owls and florals! The tree and bird box on the wall look amazing! Such a gorgeous, cheery post on such a grey day!
    Have a lovely weekend, hugs Victoria xx

  3. That's so beautiful she may go in her room and never come out! blessings, marlene

  4. Hello sweet Tania!
    Your daughter's room is a wonderland! You and Auntie Fiona have given your lovable daughter a dream come true bedroom! You're so talented with the many things your know how to do, Tania! Your painted tree with the little owl perched up on a branch is so charming.
    Thank you for sharing, my dearest friend! the tiny birdhouse is as "tweet as can be"!
    Have a great week, sweetheart!


  5. Oh my goodness her room turned out fabulous....I love the toss pillow!


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