Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Bits and bobs, and wire...

For the last two days I have felt a little out of sorts. This normally happens when I get swamped with all the jobs I need to do, and I feel completely overwhelmed. It's frustrating knowing what needs to be done, but not quite knowing where to start. So, as per normal, I ignore mundane jobs and do something a little more creative. Yesterday I decided to strip a lamp of it's very shiny red shade. I originally bought it because I liked the base, but the shade was a little on the loud side for my taste! Instead of making a fabric shade, I tried something completely different and used wire. I used the original framework, and attached wire to it, and I'm quite pleased with my new quirky lamp. It now has pride of place on my sewing desk.

The plus side to a lamp like this as opposed to one with a more traditional shade, is that it gives optimum light fot all those late night sewing projects!

Whenever there is a new addition to my work space, it prompts me to have a good old tidy. So, a little more order at last!

A few vintage treasures...(oh, and a bit of Cath for good measure!)
...okay, maybe more than just a little...

A little shelf in our bedroom did undergo a little tweaking too...

Some vintage sewing cotton reels sit alongside a vintage tape measure, ruler and hosiery elastic, and a little boat called 'Hope'...

I used to love paper dolls as a little girl, and not much has changed! The Tilda cupcake pin cushion was one of my very first attempts at sewing.

A few more thrifted treasures and other knick-knacks...
All dusted, tidied, for now...

So, a few little jobs done, but many more to tackle! Until next time me lovelies!


  1. Hello beautiful Tania! I enjoyed your lovely post so much! Dear one, I know exactly how you feel and I am so relieved I am not the only one this happens too! :) I think it is a good idea to do something creative. It seems to always lead to tidying something that needs it! I love what you did with the lamp. The base is so pretty and the wire compliments it perfectly. I love what you said about the light being good for late night crafting! Oh, your Cath Kidston pretties are so pretty and I love your vintage treasures! The HOPE boat with the patchwork sails is darling! I love all of your beautiful vignettes! You inspire me so much with all of your loveliness and creativity! You did a wonderful job with the Tilda pincushion! It is so sweet! I love her books and need to make some things from it. I love all your pink pretties too! Much love to you darling girl! xoxo~ Paula

  2. Thanks for sharing all your pretties! I especially love the boat!!


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