Tuesday 31 July 2012

Tittilating Tins!

I have a weakness...yes I do. I love tins. Round ones, square ones, big ones, tiny ones, new ones, but especially old ones. Not only do they look pretty sitting on a shelf, but they are practical for storing all sorts of knick-knacks, bits and bobs, yummy treats...the list goes on. If you read my previous post, you would know that I found two little metal tins at the Boot sale this past weekend, two inconspicuous, plain little tins, waiting to be given a purpose. So, this morning I had the opportunity to play a little and dress them up. (I was supposed to collect my sister and the kidlets for a visit, but my trusty steed died a death just round the corner from our house! We had to abandon it and walk home...hopefully it can be sorted when hubby gets home from work!) So, with the children cuddling on the sofa watching 'It's a wonderful life', I had a little time to myself and set to work.

Tins, Self-Adhesive Fabric Paper, Embellishments...

I started by cutting out the top for the tin, then the sides out of the self-adhesive fabric. I then sewed on some buttons, and fused the fabric to the tin. I added one last embellishment, a decorative metal photo corner, and voila!

I used fabric ribbon to glue to the sides of the lid for a bit of variation. Once I'd done this, I lined the tin. Now, I love pretty pegs, and sometimes use them instead of paper clips to keep things organised. I covered a few pegs in the self-adhesive ribbons, and popped them in the tin, ready for use!

Apart from discovering the wonderful stuff that is 'Self-Adhesive Fabric', I am also a great fan of Washi Tape. The possibilities for creating with this very forgiving form of masking tape, are endless! I covered the second little tin by layering strips of Washi tape all over it. I was very pleased with the results!

I glued a few buttons to the lid to add interest and dimension.

Two more tins to add to my collection! I think these would make great little gifts too. I hope you're having lots of crafty fun wherever you are!

Blessings, Tania♥

Monday 30 July 2012

Tickled pink!

We have enjoyed the most glorious, happy, sunkissed days this past week, and I cannot begin to express what this has done for my mood! I must admit, I didn't think we were ever going to feel the warmth of the summer sun this year with all the rain we've had! So, as you can imagine, we have made the most of our balmy days, with a visit to the seaside (previous blog post!), and a little excursion to Cambridge on our bikes. We cycled along the river into the city centre, and just soaked up the rays of sunshine, bird song, fresh air and cheery atmosphere.

It's not everyday you see cows so near to a city's felt like we were in the middle of the countryside!

Beautiful Cambridge...I love the university buildings with their aged character and architectural details.

Me and my crew...

Family time...

Cambridge is one of my favourite places to visit. It has a very special atmosphere and buzz about it, but at the same time it feels very tranquil and easy going...well worth a visit!

Over the weekend we also managed to visit our favourite Boot sale. Normally the children get a little bored with this, but not this time! I was surprised at their enthusiasm and bartering skills! They were left to their own devices to look for thrifty bargains, and boy, did they haggle their way to some discounted treasures! I was in my element with my thrifty finds too...

My Loot...yummy candy-coloured cuteness! Total spent: £8,75!

Dreamy letters...perhaps for little miss' bedroom?

Gorgeous, yummy bracelets, reminiscent of Bakelite to cheer up any summer outfit...£1!

Pretty little hankie in it's original box...50p

Heidi children's book, very good vintage condition, and a steal at 25pence!

Vintage buttons...50p
Little metal tins for a little project...£1

But, my favourite find of the day by far...Vintage Batger's tins at £1 each! Batger's was a British confectioner, and was established in 1748. It is hard to date these tins, but they certainly have some age to them. As can be expected, they're a little battered and bruised, but I think this adds to their charm! They look lovely in my kitchen!

Now, I have been hankering after a typewriter for some time now. I just love them for their craftsmanship, purpose, aesthetic beauty, and mostly because of the era that they're from. And, nothing looks nicer and more charming than a typed letter! My sweet girl knows this too well, so imagine my surprise when she tapped me on the shoulder during our Boot sale outing, and presented me with a big smile and a 'Mummy, I've bought you something you've always wanted!' Yes, you've guessed little miss bought me a typewriter with her pocket money! She haggled, and paid the tiny sum of £4 for a pristine Daro Erika typewriter! I kid you not...It is in perfect working order, and in it's original leather case. When I read the first paragraph in the instruction manual, and had a good giggle, and a pang of nostalgia...

Well, I was tickled pink! I am so excited to put it to good use!

So, a bit of a lengthy post, but a lot to share! My sister and her kidlets are coming to visit for a few days, so blogging will have to wait for a bit. Hence today's waffling on my part! Have a fabby-dabby-doo week, until we meet again!

Blessings, Tania ♥

Friday 27 July 2012

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!

Finally the sun lingered for long enough, enabling us to take a spontaneous last minute trip to the seaside! Dear friends of ours planned a day to the lovely English coastal town of Southwold, and invited us along for what turned out to be the most fabulous, memorable day, spent frolicking in the sea, and exploring this beautiful place! I'd love to share our day with you, as Southwold is such a darling, charming place to enjoy the best of our British summer.

The Lighthouse...

We took a stroll through the town, exploring all the loveliness of Southwold living...

Credit: Dianne Letchmanan

Beautiful beachfront houses...

Sweet smelling flowers...

Market finds...handmade loveliness!

Market flowers...

After exploring the streets of the town centre, we headed to the beach for some fun in the glorious British summer sun!
I could not wait to feel the sand between my toes...

After a lot of anti-sand tantrums, even our little man started to enjoy himself!

Older brother did not need to be persuaded to get his hands...and everything else dirty! Judging by the look on his face, I think he may have had second thoughts...

The girls loved the water...real little mermaids!

Now, if there is one thing that the British know how to do well, it's afternoon tea. And what would a day out to the seaside be without tea and scones? Or lots of chocolate as the case may be?

Afternoon tea was followed by a leisurely stroll down the very charming Southwold Pier...Lovely!

Credit: Dianne Letchmanan

Credit: Dianne Letchmanan

On the pier is this very quirky clockwork art, which comes to life every half an hour...It made us all giggle when the little men's metal trousers dropped down so that they could 'water' the flowers!

Apart from it's beautiful pier, Southwold is probably best known for the colourful beach huts that line it's beach. I could not stop snapping away, so bear with me!

Hmmm...He would feel right at home here...

But my favourite by far was this one...called 'Thelma and Louise'...

Credit: Dianne Letchmanan

Apart from admiring the beach huts and surroundings, much of our day was spent just being silly...
Charlie's Angels...?


Risking our lives....? Or perhaps just our reputation?

After a long, but wonderful day spent with friends in the sunshine, it was time to say goodbye...Just one last look at the boatyard perhaps?

And so we said goodbye to Southwold, leaving with pockets full of sand, and an abundance of happy summer memories! May you also enjoy happiness with the ones you love, wherever you are, creating lasting memories to treasure forever!

Blessings, Tania♥♥♥