Monday 22 February 2016

52 Snaps of Gratitude: Week 7

Sundays...should be slow days...Too often I spend my time catching up on housework, homework and the ever growing 'to-do-list'...But not this week. This week I was grateful for the serene quietness of a Sunday afternoon at home...


Sunday 14 February 2016

Happy Love Day!

Happy love day lovelies! I hope you are all feeling the love on this sunny Sunday? We are spending it quietly at home today. The last two weeks have packed a few painful punches! We've all had colds, sickness, and general season fatigue me thinks! Mummy bear (that's me!) has been suffering with a tooth abscess, and mixed in with all that the car decided to misbehave too! This all did not bode well for a challenging work schedule! So, hence we are taking time out to take a deep breath and adjust our sails!

The one thing that relaxes me, is spending time at the helm of my sewing machine. Or so it should! I set to work today to sew a little cheerful house, but it wasn't without the odd hiccough! I recycled a beautifully embroidered vintage hankie, making a decorative hanging house by combining it with some favourite fabric. After adding some hand stitching of my own to the front of the house, I set to work to sew the shape for the house. Note to self: Always, always pin right sides together! Grrr...Rookie error! I ended up having to unpick it, and start again! But, I finished it, and I did enjoy getting round to doing some sewing again. How I've missed it!

I also got round to doing a little painting this week. I picked up this sweet metal lantern house in a sale. It was considerably reduced, as it was leftover Christmas stock.

Not to keen on the maroon roof, I took a paintbrush to it, and now it looks a little more cheerful and perfect for spring!


52 Snaps of Gratitude: Week 5...and 6...

Okay...So I have not been able to keep up with my gratitude snaps as intended...I missed last week's, and this week I am late in posting! A challenging fortnight it has been, what with a rotten cold and tooth abscess consuming most of my usual cheery disposition. But here is this week's happy snap, and with it the deep realisation that even when life gets us down, someone is always there with an arm outstretched to pick us up from our pity pit! I am so very grateful for the friends in my life who lend a helping hand when needed, the ones who put the world to right over a cuppa, and the ones who bring you happy flowers when you're having a rubbish week! Thank you...


Thursday 4 February 2016

Happy Snaps!

....There has been a little thrifting this week...Perusing through the jumble of cast-offs at the local goodwill shops...and then this find...A beautifully vibrant, delicate Clarice Cliff floral dinner plate. Be still my beating heart! I plan to paint my kitchen table that exact green...soon...

I decided to try some new recipes too, and nothing gets me more excited than the hearty, wholesome dishes waiting to be brought to life from this Great British Farmhouse Cookbook...Made with fresh produce in-season, I look look forward to tempt my palate with delights from the farmer's table...

This last weekend there was a bit of jolly socialising with dear friends too, and an early birthday celebration for one special lady...This was the third time I made a 'naked cake', and it is my absolute favourite way to decorate a cake...It's the shabby chic imperfect perfection of the cake world! 

As dinner was a spread of Mexican food, the table flowers had to be bright to tie in with our vibrant Mexican night...Bright pink and orange it was!

So, just a few happy snaps from a week that wasn't just 'all work and no play'! Some freshness and colour for an otherwise very grey February...