Thursday 22 September 2016

Hello Autumn...

Happy 1st day of Autumn! Yes, it's official today...from here on the nights will draw in thick and fast!

The weather is slowly turning after our last blast of warm summer sunshine...Who'd have thought we'd have high summer temperatures in mid September? Truth be told, I am ready for cooler autumnal mornings...crisp days with the warm glow of jewel colours covering a woodland floor...I am somewhat partial to all the lovely joys of autumn...candlelight, fairy lights, hot chocolate, cosy knits and warm socks. I always indulge in a little fall decorating at home too, as it gets me all cosied up for the chill that is coming.  I spent an hour or so re-dressing the mantel in the living room. I do this every year, as the kids love the changing seasons too. My daughter exclaimed excitedly that it is 'marshmallow and movie season' at the sight of the first orange pumpkin.

Some might think: 'What a waste of time?'  But for me it's just a little playtime! I work in an office all day, and I love my job, but at home I can indulge in my favourite pastime which is homemaking. It's a creative outlet for me, and I am fickle...I get bored so easily with my surroundings, and need to change things up a little...and frequently...

Now, I am really just a five year old in the body of a nearly 40 year old...yikes...that's a somewhat sobering thought! I love whimsical things, so this year there are a few old favourite forest creatures on the mantel...some handmade by me, and some collected over the years...I have teamed these up with my favourite autumn flourishes, a bouquet of Physalis and Asters. I love the bright, cheerful tones of these, and together with a few red berries it is the epitomy of fall. A few years ago, I made a wreath and leafy fabric garland. These come out every year to announce autumn's arrival. It's a it of a tradition now. As it's the first day of autumn, I thought I'd share some snaps. Do you indulge in a little seasonal decorating too? I'd love to hear from you! Here's to cosy days and woolly jumpers!


Wednesday 14 September 2016

Teal tension...

Well hello there! So much has happened over the summer, I almost feel like I've lived through a whole separate existence! Hence there has been very little time to devote to blogging, and I am only just catching my breath. My parents, sister and brother-in-law came over to the UK to visit, and for us it was a very special time spent making memories. Sadly we had two bereavements in the family, as well as that of a very dear friend, so life has dealt us a few blows too....But, it makes you appreciate every single day for the gift that it is, and you can't help but feel challenged to seize every moment of opportunity that comes knocking at your door...

Over the summer I have also been very fortunate to participate in a Christmas feature for Style at Home Magazine which will hit the shelves in November, but more about that later! As the children are back at school and the normal rhythm of life is returning, I thought I'd share a quick bedroom update with you today.

Last summer we re-decorated the master bedroom by injecting a bit of drama with a dark feature wall, and a few pieces of furniture was given a new lease of life with a lick of paint too. I have never felt completely at ease with the whole scheme, as I have always felt that something was lacking. So, after a little planning and tinkering, I have made a few inexpensive and easy changes that somehow makes it all look and feel more cohesive. The first thing I did was to rethink the most important element of any bedroom scheme...the bedding! I wanted something less sugary and pale than the existing pink floral duvet cover we had on the bed. I found a fabulous linen set that looks and feels more in keeping with the darker colour scheme. I think it is adding more depth and texture, thus creating a more grown-up feel.

I visited the Milton Keynes Handmade, Vintage and Retro Fair at the weekend, and came away with the most charming 1960's floral prints. They were an absolute snip of a bargain, but I am very aware that they would have been a considered purchase for someone back in the day, as people gave a lot more thought to any new item for the home in an era of frugal living. These now have pride of place on the wall behind the bed.

By adding a few new touches, such as some freshly cut sprigs from the garden, and a lush green plant, the room is feeling more inviting and 'pulled together'. A favourite tip of mine is to peruse the bathroom accessories isles in shops like Dunelm, where tumblers used for tooth brushing and rinsing come in all shapes and styles, and they won't break the bank. These are perfect little vases for small posies on the bedside table. They also look fabulous grouped together in odd numbers for a quirky display.

I am very pleased with the overall feel of the room now. It certainly is a haven of relaxation now, perfect for reading in and listening to some old records while daydreaming away...

As always this is a work in progress, but homes always are, aren't they?


Tuesday 28 June 2016

A quick hello!

Hello lovelies! Well, I've not had much time to check in here of late...Too busy decorating and feathering my nest! I will not be casting light on recent political events, but suffice to say that there is an atmosphere of real trepidation and uncertainty in the air! But today, just a quick hello and a few snaps to show face. As soon as our British weather perks up and we have some photo worthy light, I will share our living room update with you too.

We have had so much rain over the last couple of weeks, but have spent some time pottering in the garden as it was completely desolate of plants. I am not green fingered at all, but hope to learn as I go. So far, so good...I've planted my first Lupine flowers. They are so beautiful! Any handy tips on keeping these alive would be much appreciated!

Then, there are these self-seeding weed-like poppies...Something I can't kill at least! This popped up in the middle of some building rubble at the bottom of the garden. Such a lovely surprise!

With all the rain, the lawn has looked a little on the wild side. But I keep telling myself that we're going for the quintessential English meadow look! Besides, the bees love the clover! Anything to keep the bees happy...

Rainy days do mean that a little sewing might get done...This little project by Sarah Moore has been on my 'to-do list' for quite some time! A little pea-pod pin cushion. A bit fiddly, and far from perfect, but it sits on the shelf rather happily and imperfectly!

When the sun has poked it's nose out between the clouds, we have seized the opportunity to dine Al Fresco! Nothing quite like lazy summer evenings in the garden, G&T in hand, and good company to while away the time. 

I am hoping there will be plentiful sunshine still to enjoy. Our daughter's birthday coincides with summer solstice, and this always is a reminder that from here on the nights start drawing in again...Rather disheartening if you haven't experienced a proper summer as yet! But we hold out hope for a late Indian summer!

I'll leave you with this last snap...My girlie and I spent Saturday perusing the streets of Cambridge. It was a beautiful day, no rain, and a buzz of excitement perfumed the air as many students were graduating. Pockets of families and friends could be seen huddling together on every corner, celebrating achievements with fresh faced youngsters who are eagerly looking to the future. It was a lovely reminder that despite all the negativity in the press this past week, life still goes on, and we need to stay positive and look upwards. I loved every minute spent with my now fourteen year old little lady, and I don't know what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future...This last snap to me, is full of the beauty of years gone by...nostalgia of decades lived, memories made...Let's make our memories good ones! A shelf in a little shop on a cobbled Cambridge street, brimming with old tins...What's not to love?

Here's to love, light, and all things bright!