Thursday 31 December 2015

Goodbye 2015!

Hold your horses! Another year gone? I am not quite ready to give up the slow rhythm of the holibobs yet! It has been the most manic run up to Christmas, and I've had to work the day job in between Christmas and New Year too. For me, as many can't wait to put their festive decorations to bed, I can't help but hold on a little tighter...a little longer...Just a few more quiet moments here by the fairy lights to take in the warm peaceful glow...I am in no hurry to pack away the baubles and glitter this year. Even the tree is still as fresh faced as the day we dragged it off the roof of the car. It hasn't dropped a needle! I think as I enter this new year, I will savour a few more moments in the festive glow of our Nordman Fir...Here are a few snaps from our Christmas at home...

Tomorrow I may be ready to reflect a little more on the year that's gone...memories made, blessings received, lessons learnt...But for now I will enjoy the last breath of 2015 in quiet gratitude...May you also taste the sweetness of a last warm hug from 2015!


Monday 21 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

And so it's nearly Christmas! Another year taking it's final bow...I have been busy feathering my festive nest, looking forward to a time of reflecting on the birth of Jesus and the joy I have because of Him. I can't help but feel a deep ache in my heart for the people who get completely wrapped up in the trimmings of Christmas, but who choose to leave the best gift unopened...a life of love, forgiveness, hope, peace and fullness of joy! Without Him, what is the point? Everything else will fade away...the trees wrapped in their finery, the gifts enveloped with crisp paper and pretty bows, and the festive holly wreaths gracing many a front door. But what remains is this, saving grace. I do hope that your festive season will have true meaning for celebration, and won't just be a process of going through the motions. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!


Tuesday 1 December 2015

November, November, wherefore art thou November?

Oh my goodness...the last month has literally just vanished! I realise that I have not tended to my little blog corner at all last month...not a word! I think I'm starting to sound like a broken record every year at this time...Too much to do, and not enough hours in the day! But, it has been and always is a time of sewing. And as it is the 1st of the jolly holly month of December, I thought I'd share a few Christmassy makes with you...

I do love this time of year! I will be making and baking, creating and decorating, and spending special times with all the lovely people in my life! Above all, I will stand steadfast in the reason for the season...without Him, I am nothing. My you also experience joy, peace and love throughout December, and may your days be merry and bright!


Sunday 18 October 2015

A paler shade of autumn...

At this time of of year, I can do nothing but gasp at the beauty of the changing treetops as nature's paintbrush chooses a palette of rusty reds, purple and golden yellow. The landscape is breathtakingly beautiful as autumn weaves a rich tapestry across the English countryside. I always look at ways to bring a little of that splendour into our home, decorating with some cosy autumnal touches.

Usually the mantel by the fire place is dressed in an autumn palette of gold, rust, red and purple, and the dresser also gets a little makeover to reflect the changing season. But this year, for some reason, my eyes just twitch at the sight of orange pumpkins! I initially styled the dresser with traditional shades associated with autumn, but my eye just kept hankering for pastels! So, I decided to swap the the bright yellow and orange for more subtle pastel shades. And what is a girl to do, but paint the orange pumpkins pink?

I used some white matt emulsion paint that I already had, and just tinted it pink with some red poster paint from the children's craft stash. No expense spared here! Well, the pumpkins will only last for a short season, so I thought there is no need to use expensive paint. Before I painted the pumpkins, I washed them in bleach as this kills off any lingering bacteria, and so the pumpkins will last the season without spoiling. A little coat of glitter varnish, and a pretty ribbon just adds a bit of pretty!

Last year I sewed a leafy garland from some fabric scraps. This was rather time consuming, but well worth the effort. If you can't sew, but wish to do something similar, then I would suggest using felt. Felt is very forgiving, and easy to use. All you need to do is cut out some leaf shapes and thread them on to thin florist wire. You can then tie it to the mantel, or a dresser as I have done here. The wire can be manipulated easily to hold it's shape.

Nothing adds a festive touch more than a bit of cheery bunting. Of course you can take the time to sew beautiful triangles on to luscious ribbon or bias binding, but if you fancy a quick fix, then you can cut some flags from pretty fabric, turn over a hem at the top, and thread through some string. Voila! A little bit of loveliness!

And so, a nod to autumn, albeit a paler shade of pink!


Monday 21 September 2015

Pumpkin patching!

Autumn is slowly painting a canvas of red, yellow, rust, purple and gold...Oh, I do love this time of year! As always I am thinking of ways to re-dress areas in our home to reflect the changing season, but truth be told, I just haven't got the energy or desire to go all out this year! Usually the mantel in the living room is completely re-dressed, as is the dresser, but this year I have decided that 'less is more'. Just a few subtle touches will have to suffice!

I have seen the most gorgeous fabric pumpkins gracing the pages of Pinterest, and this year I have finally managed to make some. My only regret...that I hadn't done it sooner! They are super easy to craft, even if you claim you can't sew. You don't even need a sewing machine, although having one makes it a little quicker and easier. As long as you can sew a basic straight line, and a running stitch, you are good to go! I am not going to bore you with the finer 'how to's', as Pinterest is already brimming with handy tutorials. Just type in 'fabric pumpkin' in the search box, and you will be spoilt for choice. All I will say is that I wanted my pumpkins in two co-ordinating fabrics, so I had to do a little more cutting and joining of panels, but you can opt for one fabric only which will be easier.

I hot glued some twigs and felt leaves to the top, and some curled copper wire for a quirky finish. Tah-dah! Let me know if you have a go at pumpkin sewing. Would love to see yours!


Monday 14 September 2015

Monday's Musings...

Hello lovelies! I feel so overwhelmed and grateful for all the kind words of encouragement following my last post. Sometimes it's just nice to get a warm, virtual hug when feeling a little down in the dumps! You are all very much appreciated, and I feel very touched that you took the time to write. I have picked myself up, and dusted off yesterday's disappointments. Today is feeling a lot brighter!

If you've been following my blog, you'll know that I recently redecorated the master bedroom. I thought that it was done and dusted, but as I'm getting used to it I realise that it is not quite finished. It is still evolving! I really want it to feel more sumptuous and layered, and it seems that the white wall just isn't cutting the mustard. I have been toying with the idea to wallpaper the white wall against the deep, dark teal of the other existing wall, and I think I've finally found a wallpaper I love. Made by Pip Studio, it is not the cheapest, but then one can see why! I received four samples in the post, in four different colourways, and the difficult part is choosing one....They are absolutely yummy!

My initial preference was for the green background, which I still love, but the light blue seems to sit very comfortably next to the teal wall. Then again, I don't want the comfortable option, I want a bit of drama, and the dark blue would add just that, as the it makes the bright colours pop. Oh dear....This is going to take a while me thinks! In the meantime, I have framed these beauties to sit nicely up on a shelf whilst I make up my mind! (And to give me time to save a few pennies!)

I have at last found a home for my beautiful lead glass clock though. It was a gift from hubby thirteen years ago when I gave birth to our daughter. For the last few years it has been stored away, as I was never able to find just the right spot for it. At last it now happily resides next to my bed! The deep colours seemed to have come to life up against that dark wall.

If you can lend me any words of wisdom with regards to a choice of wallpaper, please do!  I hope your Monday is full of cheer. Onwards and upwards!


Friday 11 September 2015

No words...

Today...Just some pictures, not too many words. If I try to write, I'll gush and it will be senseless words of self-pity, and who wants to listen to that? Sometimes life just stinks. And so do people. So, I shall reach for the Febreze, and post a few pretty pictures instead...

Roses...Because life will come up roses again...If not today, maybe tomorrow...

Some recycled frames with new sentiments for the bedroom wall...because love conquers all...and regardless of bad days, those who are my dearest are my sunshine when skies are grey! Little reminders...

A little bit of pretty...My home is my safe place...