Wednesday 7 May 2014

Family snaps...and mishaps...

Hello my lovelies! So, the days are getting longer and brighter, nature is draped in lush shades of green and pops of happy colours,  and the early mornings are a recital of birdsong and tweets! I love this transition from cold, grey, dreary days into blossoming sunshine and the promise of ice cream laced summers in the park. Our family loves picnics. We cannot wait for that first, half decent day where you can get down to the river for an evening meal in the last lazy rays of the day!

For a while I've been meaning to take some family photos, as life gets in the way of documenting the children growing up. You know what it's like...When your first born comes along, you're a trigger happy (in the camera sense!), paparazzi crazed parent who cannot get enough of taking snaps of 'the precious bundle of joy'! Then another one comes along, and you still take some snaps, but they come along more infrequently than with the first. By the time you've popped out the third, you barely have the time  to chew your food before you swallow it, you don't know what a warm cup of coffee is as yours is always a cold shade of grey, covered in a milky film, let alone have time to embark on leisurely 'say cheese' moments! Life takes over...Well, it has in this house, so I needed to make time to take photos, nice ones. Not blurry, grumpy, half a bottom in your face ones! So, we had a picnic...

Now, like many parents out there I could pay someone to take professional snaps, ones that are worthy of gold gilded frames and a gallery wall. But, I am a skinflint. Professional photography can cost an arm and a leg, and I much prefer my limbs attached where they are! So, I decided to take the family down to the river for a picnic, to throw in a few props with a vintage feel, and to bribe the kidlets with lovely treats to play along for the lens! It went really well...for about ten minutes! They were much more interested in the juicy strawberries, iced cakes and chicken sandwiches!

Nevertheless, we came away with a few happy memories in the can!

It did, once again, re-affirm that one should never work with animals, or children, or in this case, hungry husbands or children! 

Lesson number two...Pick a less windy day...For it huffed, and puffed, and blew my vase of flowers from the tea chest where it was neatly perched, onto my precious Roberts radio, bathing it in water and daisies! It is currently still sitting in a bowl of uncooked rice, hoping that it will soak up all the moisture and breathe new life into it's digital awesomeness. Harrumph...I live in hope..

So, when all is said and done, here is lesson number three...

Next time, I might just pay the professionals to do the job. Even at the cost of an arm and a leg, it will probably still be cheaper in the end...and easier!

Say cheese!

Till next time!

Tania ♥