Monday 22 July 2013

'It takes a big heart to help shape little minds'...

So, blue it is! The whole of the United Kingdom is making goo-goo, ga-ga noises at the wonderful news that the Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a baby boy today. So much speculation about whether the heir will be a he or a she, has preceded the arrival of Kate and William's little one. The majority of people banked on the new royal addition being a princess, but for once I placed my bets in a safe basket! And so, he's a prince! I think we'd all like to welcome the new baby, and I wish the Duke and Duchess all the very best as they embark on this journey called 'parenthood'!

Apart from keeping a close eye on the royal stork's schedule, I have also managed to do a little sewing. Ahem...note 'little'... I really ought to have done more by now, but with the end of the school year drawing in, many school assemblies and gatherings have been keeping me occupied. But, there WILL be more quality Elna time soon! Here's a little something I made today...for a special teacher...

'It takes a big heart to help shape little minds.'

So, with heartfelt thanks...

I would also like to say a huge thank you to everyone who pops in and leaves lovely comments! I don't always get round to responding to each and every comment, but I do so appreciate each one. I read them all! 

Tania ♥

Saturday 20 July 2013

DIY Jewelry Organizer

Hello m'darlings! Well, I think it's time to put another Pinterest pin to the test. I saw this idea a while back, pinned it to the ever-growing 'To-do-list', and there it sat until this afternoon. My accessory and jewelry collection have grown a little over the last year or so, and I've been meaning to get it all organised to perfection. THIS idea seemed a really good one!

You will need...

That's it. And of course some trusty scissors. All you have to do is snip-snappity-snip some lenghts of fabric. I imagine ribbon can also be used! Now, wrap the strands of fabric around the rungs on your hanger. I chose to cover only the blue plastic bits...I kind of like the contrasting shiny steel against the softness of the fabric. If you choose, you can glue the fabric at the beginning and the end, but this seems far to messy! I cut shorter bits of fabric to secure the start and end bits! I hope that makes sense?

And now, to sort this lot out...

And the end result...Ta-dah!

Another perfect Pinterest pin! Tried and tested!

Have a happy weekend, wherever your cloggs may take you! :)
Tania ♥

Friday 19 July 2013

And's finally here!

Hello my lovelies! Wow...I have been idle with the writing for a while now, haven't I? Coming back to my blog writing pad, is like coming home to an overgrown, neglected garden! Taking up my writing pen feels a little like weeding! Well, all I can say, is that life has kept me busy! And by life, I actually mean three kidlets! It's the end of our school year, so many plays and events to attend. But, I have also spent a little time getting my Etsy shop off the ground, and although I have only one item listed at present, that should grow nicely over the next couple of days. So, finally, it's here, open for business! I look forward to this new venture, making and selling items, but I will also endeavour to source unique and beautiful vintage goodness to offer in my shop! I have chosen a name for the shop...'Sew Much Loveliness' Please pop over and take a look, and I will keep you posted as new items are added!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Tania ♥

Tuesday 2 July 2013

A weekend break in York...

Hello m'lovelies! Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that hubby and I have had a most marvellous, wonderful weekend away in York. Yes, so sorry to have high jacked your Instagram feeds! I have so much to tell you! For those of you who have never been to this town, rich in it's Viking heritage, I can highly recommend a visit. Now, we did not set off to explore the historic richness of this picturesque town. Oh no sirree! We hankered after a frivolous, kidlet-free weekend, exploring the vintage shopping scene, and a few late nights eating and drinking our way through the cobbled streets!

Our home for the weekend! 'The Royal', York...

...beautiful old building, and what an entrance!

Hubby and I, ready for a night on the town!

York has so much to offer...
Food, glorious food!

The Shambles...voted one of the prettiest streets in the UK. So quaint!

Shopping heaven! Lots of 'ooh-ing and 'aah-ing'...Let's step back in time...

'Purple Haze', a wonderful vintage clothing store, for both men and women!

...spoilt for choice!

Superb vintage finds at 'The Vintage Emporium'...Unfortunately, the York store will be closing at the end of July, but Harrogate is not far...

Glitz and glamour at 'Molly Browns'...

'Give the dog a bone'...a quirky gift shop, for gifts that are a little different, and a bit of pop culture. And, very stylish, helpful shop assistants! Thank you ladies!

And my favourite find of all...'The Flax and Twine'...don't miss a visit to this beautiful shop, brimming with prettiness and superb vintage goodness!

Hubby treated me to a bit of 'Greengate'...
Happy girl!

And what would a jolly weekend be without a few cocktails? Cheers!

Or a glass of wine? Or two...? sorry it had to end...
But, we came home in good spirits. Guess who came back with us?

Pictures by Fiona Caspi

Meet our new baba!
And on that happy note, I bid you goodbye!
Tania ♥