Sunday, 28 September 2014

Fall-ing in love with autumn...all over again...

Hello! Well, what a crazy busy week it has been! School trips, work commitments, celebrations and 'normal life' have filled every second with a sense of  'busy'! But, I have finally managed to dress the mantel in the living room for autumn. I like to change things for every season, and this September has been no different. I did however, decide to try something a little different than usual for this beautiful season. I do love autumn...It is almost like nature is taking a deep breath, pausing, waiting, before it exhales a warm glow over an ever changing landscape. Nature is painting a pallet of gold, rust, crimson and warm browns, comforting colours to usher us gently from the brights of summer into the deep of winter.

Autumn, to me, is a time of feathering one's nest, in preparation for the long cold winter that will soon come knocking. I imagine the little woodland creatures hunting and gathering, wisely making hay while the sun still shines! So, for the mantel, I decided to go for a woodland theme with an autumnal feel...

A leafy garland, carefully sewn together and hung from the mantel...

I found the free printable on Pinterest...A great reminder that we should be grateful for this season, for the harvest is to come...

A few happy creatures...Mr Bear, Raccoon and a feisty little fox...I drew the template for the bear myself, but the raccoon and fox were featured in 'Mollie Makes', and can be found online.

Some woodland toadstools perhaps?

A few woodland tales so we can snuggle and read together...'Little Red Riding Hood', 'Squirrel's Autumn Search', 'It takes two to twit-twoo', and 'Freddy and the Fairy'...We love nothing more than cosy story time on a crisp autumn evening...

A few pumpkins and painted pine cones for a bit of colour!

And so we fall in love with autumn...all over again!



  1. This is beautiful, what a delightful collection of pretty things. I love this time of the year too, its so lovely as you say to 'feather our nests' and cosy down. your blog is always interesting and I love the little peek into your family life.

  2. I love your leaf garland...very pretty and your heart wreath too! Nice to have a change to compliment the season, Its quite hard to get Autumn decor items here I think, some of the US blogs I visit have the most beautiful china pumpkins in allsorts of Autumnal shades but so hard to find here. XX


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