Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Fresh take on the old eggs box

I have had this little eggs box for some time now. It used to sit on the kitchen counter, fulfilling the purpose it was created for...housing eggs. But, I grew tired of it and decided to have it on my craft desk instead, and eggs were soon replaced with staples, picture hooks and other odds and sods. But, I didn't like it anymore than before. What it needed was a makeover. Funny how sometimes you just grow out of things...

But, I wanted to live by the following motto, which, let's face it, seems more true these days due to the demands of our economic climate: 'Make the most of what you have, where you are.' I didn't want to spend money on materials to facilitate the little box's makeover, but decided to rummage through the cupboards to see what I could use that I already had. And guess what? The very lovely Cath Kidston came to the rescue! I have quite a few old catalogues that have piled up over time as I'm a bit of a fan. I love the prints of all her fabric designs, and as I haven't had the heart to send the old catalogues to the recycling bin, I cut these up to decoupage a patchwork effect on the box.

After sanding it, I painted the box in a creamy buttermilk from a tester pot that I had knocking about. I then cut out squares from the old magazines to glue onto the box using diluted PVA glue. As I love things to look aged, worn and a bit shabby, I took sandpaper to my newly decorated box to distress it. A few coats of varnish later, and it was complete!

Staples have now been replaced with lovely bits of lace...

Have you given something old a new lease of life of late? I would love to hear from you! Do share your projects or ideas with us! Would love to be inspired!

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