Saturday, 3 March 2012

'E'-xperimenting...'attempt at something new'

Do you sometimes get in a rut of doing the same things in the same way? That's how I felt these last few weeks with regards to my crafting and styling of our home. I think I have a definite 'style' that usually appeals to me, but of late I have felt like a chameleon on a Smarties box...confused as to which colour I should go for! The urge to change things up a bit is pulling me towards trying out new things, and my tatsebuds are hankering after something slightly bohemian and eclectic, as opposed to the country look that I normally go for. And it all started with an 'E'...

As you probably know, I have been working on our family photo wall over the last few weeks, and I've been focusing all my creative time on this little project. So, needless to say, I wanted to add yet another little something to it, an 'E' in fact, standing for Egan, our family name. So, I obtained a blank 'E' from the craft shop, and had to decide how I was going to alter it. Normally I would take the 'shabby chic' route, opting for limewashed creams, pinks or blues...Something like this lovely 'B' from

But, a very yummy metallic green acrylic paint was winking at me in the store, and before I could say 'no', I had parted with my cash and it followed me home! I kid you not, it stalked me! I then found these gorgeous pocket tissues, and before I knew it I was decoupaging butterflies onto a very bright green 'E'!

'You know you want to...!'

Pretty pocket tissues!
Once I'd painted my letter and decoupaged it, I decided to take sandpaper to it for a distressed look. A little rub of gold paint in places, and some metal photo corners added, I am quite pleased with the end result! It is very different from what I first had in mind...

I think I have been slightly influenced by the tastes of interior stylist, Selina Lake, who's homespun style is something I absolutely adore! On that note, check out her new book: Homespun Style.

 I'd like to encourage you to experiment, and to try new things. I think the key to homespun style, is to not over think things. After all, being a homemaker is being your own stylist. Seize the opportunity to express yourself in your own way. It's tons of fun and very liberating! Drop me a comment below, and let me know what you think!


  1. I love it! I have been thinking recently how much I am influenced by the prevailing 'country' trend. I do love it, but I still love the bohemian and even ethnic influences too. I think everything is becoming a bit too samey in blogland. This is a breath of fresh air anyway. You are terribly good at these projects too. I love butterflies and this is so beautiful. xxx

    1. I know exactly what you mean Tracey! I think I will always love the country trend, and it's quite exciting to perhaps try a fusion of different styles for that 'homespun' look. Thank you for your lovely comments, and I can only hope that you will keep inspiring us with your beautiful style! ♥


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