Friday, 16 March 2012

Frills on Friday

I am in love. Yes I am. With lace...and doilies. Some might consider these lovelies as 'grannyfied', too Victorian, and dated. But, I am delighted to see that they are very much in vogue at the moment, adding finishing touches to many a homespun home. Alongside the very fine art of crochet, these feminine and nowadays sometimes quirky versions of bygone prettiness, can be clocked in most home style magazines, and can be seen in abundance on blogs, flickr, pinterest etc. I have been collecting doilies for some time now, with the intention of creating a garland, or a fresh take on bunting. And today was the day I did the deed!

Oh my...I had to gather all the nerve I had to cut those doilies in half. I was terrified that they were going to fall to pieces as soon as the scissors snapped away. But, all was well, and they held it together nicely. I sewed them onto some bias binding, and teamed them up with rectangle flags decorated with smaller doilies and hearts. I am so pleased with the end result!

All that needs to happen now, is summer! I can't wait to hang these outside in the garden for a tea party. In the meantime I'm sure I'll find a little corner in the house that could do with cheering up!

Have a fabby-dabby-doo weekend!


  1. Tania, just wanted to say thank you for following and for your very sweet comment on my last post. ♥ :) I hope to catch up on all things blog-related this next week, so I will read more of yours then. :)

    And I too love doilies. I have a big green and white one I have been meaning to sew onto a pillow-front; I just haven't found the right pillow yet. I like your idea of using them as part of a garland. :)

    Thank you again, enjoy your weekend,



  2. Hello dear Tania! I love vintage doilies too! You did a beautiful job with your bunting! It is gorgeous! I love bunting! The rectangle fabric is a nice addition with the hearts and doilies! Your home is lovely! Have a wonderful weekend! xo~ Paula

  3. Very pretty! Love the originality!

    1. Thanks Toodie! It's a slight obsession of mine...doilies! :) Much love ♥

  4. My mother crocheted doilies for over 60 years. I hated to throw them out. This is a way i can display them!

  5. Hello! Thank you for your comment! I know, doilies are so beautiful, and it would be a shame to discard them. I am so pleased that they are 'in vogue' at the moment! I think the ones that have stood the test of time are precious, and should be put to use, especially when made by someone close to you. How lovely! ♥


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