Sunday, 4 March 2012

To dance, or not to dance? That is the question!

There is nothing in life that I enjoy more than a proper knees up! So, when a friend passed me a leaflet advertising a 1940's dance, I dug deep to convince my dear hubby to accompany me to this event. In all honesty, I thought  he would throw every excuse in the book at me to try and avoid being dragged onto a dance floor where 'proper' dancing was required, as he is a self-confessed two-left-feet-kinda-guy, who can only manage a very hypnotising Bruce Springsteen hip sway! But, I was tickled pink when he conceded, and even went as far as dressing up! You could have knocked me over with a feather!

So, the tickets were purchased, the babysitter arranged (thank you, thank you, thank you dear Dianne!!!), and with dancing shoes polished and two left feet at the ready, all I had to do now was find my right foot! I decided that I would don my favourite dress, as I had only worn it a couple of times, never to a dance, and I do think it was designed to twirl in!

The band was absolutely fabulous! We sat and watched as people danced to the songs of Glen Miller, Frank Sinatra, Myles Monroe, just to name a few. My feet were itching to dance, but hubby had forgotten all he'd learnt in dance lessons before we got married, and my quick step, foxtrot and jitterbug tootsies felt a bit rusty too! However, after a few tipples we soon embarked on the dance floor, and all inhibitions flew out the window! I'm quite certain we didn't resemble Fred and Ginger...more Flop and Cringe...but we had a ball!

Me, and of course lovely hubby

We were joined by friends Fiona and Will. The very handsome couple...

And here's the band...(please excuse to questionable quality of the photography! It was the best my little phone could manage!)

Well, I can honestly say that we all had a super night. We have decided though that a few dance lessons won't go amiss between now and the next soiree! But, as one lovely gentleman put it on the night: 'Don't worry about what other people think! The ones that sit and watch, are sitting and watching because they themselves can't dance. And the ones that are dancing, aren't watching you! Just get up and dance, and do your own thing!' And that was what we did...eventually!

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