Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tittilating Tins!

I have a weakness...yes I do. I love tins. Round ones, square ones, big ones, tiny ones, new ones, but especially old ones. Not only do they look pretty sitting on a shelf, but they are practical for storing all sorts of knick-knacks, bits and bobs, yummy treats...the list goes on. If you read my previous post, you would know that I found two little metal tins at the Boot sale this past weekend, two inconspicuous, plain little tins, waiting to be given a purpose. So, this morning I had the opportunity to play a little and dress them up. (I was supposed to collect my sister and the kidlets for a visit, but my trusty steed died a death just round the corner from our house! We had to abandon it and walk home...hopefully it can be sorted when hubby gets home from work!) So, with the children cuddling on the sofa watching 'It's a wonderful life', I had a little time to myself and set to work.

Tins, Self-Adhesive Fabric Paper, Embellishments...

I started by cutting out the top for the tin, then the sides out of the self-adhesive fabric. I then sewed on some buttons, and fused the fabric to the tin. I added one last embellishment, a decorative metal photo corner, and voila!

I used fabric ribbon to glue to the sides of the lid for a bit of variation. Once I'd done this, I lined the tin. Now, I love pretty pegs, and sometimes use them instead of paper clips to keep things organised. I covered a few pegs in the self-adhesive ribbons, and popped them in the tin, ready for use!

Apart from discovering the wonderful stuff that is 'Self-Adhesive Fabric', I am also a great fan of Washi Tape. The possibilities for creating with this very forgiving form of masking tape, are endless! I covered the second little tin by layering strips of Washi tape all over it. I was very pleased with the results!

I glued a few buttons to the lid to add interest and dimension.

Two more tins to add to my collection! I think these would make great little gifts too. I hope you're having lots of crafty fun wherever you are!

Blessings, Tania♥


  1. Ooh so so pretty and what a lovely way to spend the morning! Where do you get this adhesive fabric from Tania? I love it! Tin cans covered in it for the garden would be lovely too me thinks!
    Victoria xx

  2. Hello my lovely! Yes, it was a lovely morning spent crafting. Much better than doing the ironing! I felt I deserved a little time out...spent SIX hours ironing yesterday! The adhesive fabric is made by Papermania, and come in sheets of 12x12 inches. I found it at Hobbycraft. Ooh yes, I love your idea of covering tin cans for the garden! I have a feeling I'm going to be covering EVERYTHING in it, as it is soooo easy to use and mess free. Thanks for poppong in! xxx

  3. Love the tins! I have a few Altoid tins laying around, perhaps I will decorate them up...thanks for the inspiration!


  4. Just look what you've been up to, sweet Tania! I love your tiny tins...and, you are so very clever with your embellishments! Buttons, bits, bobs...some of my very favorite things!
    Where in the world did you find your floral tape? It is as cute and handy as can be!
    I hope you ae having a splendid summer. I hope your sunshine stays for a while!
    It's so sweet hearing from you, my darling friend! Thank you for your thoughtful comments!
    Blessings and big Hugzzzz across the pond!

  5. oh yes! these are amazing!!!!

    well done!!! lovely to see what you can turn them into!



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