Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Vintage Affair

Well, it feels like I have walked in circles in a dense wood, and have finally found may way home! That's what it feels like when I can't sit down with pen and paper to write...well, pen and paper don't have limitations,  unlike computers and the big wide web that is the internet! At first I had a damaged computer screen (don't ask!), and once that was repaired, horrible little gremlins interfered with our internet provision and I was unable to blog yet again! So, as you can imagine, I have A LOT to tell you! But, today will be a post about a vintage affair...a do...a party!

Time is a funny old thing! Sometimes it's draggged out and you wish the seconds, minutes and hours away. Like when you're counting down to something lovely that is going to happen. And then there are times when it seems you've blinked, and ten years have gone by quicker than you can say 'fiddlesticks'! Our little sweetheart is ten...double digits! Where has the last ten years gone?

Before I get all mushy (oops...too late!) and lost down memory lane, I'll share some pictures of the celebrations with you. I took many, and I'm bound to share bucket loads with you, so in advance: Sorry! I just can't help myself!

A Vintage Tea Party...

In my mind ten is an important birthday. After all, it's a decade! So, it deserves a little soiree! And so preparations were off to a start..

Giant tissue pompom takes centre stage...

Flowers and jam...

Sweets in jars...

Lollipops in vintage tin...

Personalised drinks jar...

Roses and Baby's Breath...

Party favours...Pearls and Love Hearts ♥

The birthday girl requested a game of 'Pass the Parcel', so a special surprise was wrapped up in layers of brown parcel paper. Each layer had a little sweet treat and snap card tucked inside. (I made sure that everyone won a little card and treat to keep it fair!)

The girls could then match their snap cards to a little present in the lucky dip suitcase.

All ready...

Let's get this party started!

There was laughing...

And dancing!

And cake of course!

It was my first attempt at making sugar roses...and bows! I know it's no 'Ace of Cakes' masterpeice, but I was pleased with my creation!

At least the birthday girl liked it! ♥

Happy birthday our little munchkin!
Until next time my lovely blog friends! Hopefully next time will come a little sooner than the last!

Blessings, Tania ♥


  1. Oh happy birthday to your sweet daughter! What a wonderful tea! Looks as if everyone had a fabulous time!
    Victoria xx

  2. What a wonderful day you created for your daughter's birthday. I'm sure that she'll remembered this as a magic day. Everything looks to pretty and you did a great job on the birthday cake.

  3. I think you just earned the "Cool Mom of the Year" award (if there is such a thing). The party looks like so much fun!

  4. Oh Tania!!! How beautiful! Happy Birthday to Your SWEET 'big' Girl!!! She looks beautiful, and you have such a wonderful way to making lasting memories for her and for others!!! Wow...if I'd ever been invited to such a party, I'd never have forgotten it, and it would have affected me the rest of my life! You are a precious mother!!! ♥♥♥

  5. Hello, my dearest Tania!
    I am ooing and ahhing at your incredible soiree...(I love calling your tea party by that name!) Your daughter is adorable and will always remember the love you put into making her day a very special one! She will carry the fond memory of this celebration for all time! And, so will the other little ladies...judging by the look on their sweet faces!
    I'm so glad you posted lots of pictures...It is amazing to see all the girlish sweet treats! (my mouth is watering!!)You have thought of everything and the adorable hat on the cake stand...Now that's one original cloche!
    I'm so glad you're back, my sweet friend! I have missed you and assumed since your kidlets are out of school that you were keeping very busy.
    Welcome back, my precious sister in the Lord!
    Blessings and love,
    Carolynn xoxo
    Thank you for your sincere greetings on my blog...You always warm my heart with your loving comments!

  6. Aww, what a enchanting blog!
    Loved every detail soo girly and soo pretty!
    Like a magical tea party...
    Have a week full of kindness...
    Maria x

  7. I am soooo jelous of that party! it looked like a dream!

    kate x

  8. Thank you all for your very lovely, heart warming comments! ♥♥♥

  9. What a beautiful and fun birthday for such a pretty girl.. love all the pretty decorations.. are so talented.


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