Saturday, 14 July 2012

Flowers and for the soul!

Hello my lovelies! I am slowly sprucing up little corners of our home in an attempt to bring some summer cheer to a very dreary, wet July in the UK. It has been utter torrential rain for weeks on end, so I think my next craft project might be to build an ark! I try to stay chirpy, amidst the squelching garden and dampness that seeps into ones bones, but oh, to feel the warm sun on ones face again would be like manna from heaven! Anyhow, I have done a little brolly trotting in and out of the thrift shops, and have found a few cheery, floral touches to remind me of summer!

I adore beautiful embroidery, and found these...


I also stumbled upon these sweet floral wine glasses. They look so cheery, and delicate!

Now, there is one thing that always lifts my mood, and that is to sing out loud. This doesn't happen very often, as the house needs to be quiet with no ears but my own to serenade to! And our  house is never quiet! I do love music from old films, shows and musicals, and when the opportunity presents itself, I may well belt out a show tune! Now imagine my delight at finding these lovelies...original old film music sheets from the 1940's! The front page illustrations are charming! I think they would look lovely framed, and up on the wall. The only problem is, that I am fast running out of available wall space! Just take a look...

My favourite one, featuring the lovely Judy Garland...

I loved the illustration on this music sheet...

So, a little thrifting success this past week! I do find joy in the little things, and I hope that you will also stay joyfull, regardless of the elements, the weather, or whatever else life throws at you!

May sunshine follow you wherever you are, but if it's showers of blessing that you need, may the heavens open it's doors to you too!



  1. I'm curious about the "Cokey Cokey" sheet music. Here in the USA we are familiar with the "Hokey Pokey", which has us putting our left arm (etc) in (and out), but is not danced with partners as in your illustration. Now I find myself wondering about the history of the "Hokey Pokey" and how it relates to the "Cokey Cokey".

    I love finding old music, and your other finds are wonderful, too!

  2. Fab finds Tania! Love the beautiful linens and sweet glasses!
    Victoria xx

  3. What great finds for you , all of them . I always have a skip in my step when I find treasure at the op shop , good for you !

  4. I love the music.

    My Granny plays piaon and she taught my mum who taught me.

    She has draws full of all the classic musical scores. They are so precious! Your post has really brought a smile to my face.

    Kate xxx

  5. Just gorgeous finds :) I love a good thrifting adventure!

  6. lovely, lovely treasure, you have found...
    It made me smile about building a Ark , as I am seriously thinking of sending out a dove too...
    I love the music sheets as so glamorous!
    Have a week of wonder!
    Maria x

  7. I love vintage linens AND Judy Garland. Meet Me in St. Louis is one of my favorites! <3

  8. Hi Tania,

    Thank your for your kind comment on my blog and for taking part in my giveaway and putting a link on yours. I appreciate it very much. You found some beautiful things in the thrift store. The embroidery and glasses look very pretty!

    Wish you a happy evening,


  9. Great finds Tania! I'm following you but your posts aren't appearing on my reading list! I've followed you on Pinterest today too. Xx

  10. Dear sweet Tania,
    Your home is so inviting my dear friend. How I would love to pop in and share a day with you! There would be so much to talk about. God has blessed us both in so many ways!
    You and I both share an appreciation and love for vintage linens. They'be been stitched with love!
    Have a happy day, my darling friend!
    Carolynn xo

  11. Hi Tania,

    I've just posted about a blog award - you were one of my nomiations. go and see sweetie! xxxxx


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