Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Do all things with great love...

Hello my lovelies! Wow...we're already half way through January, and I'm only just picking up my blogging pen for the first time in 2014! In all honesty, I've been hiding in a cave for a while, with big bear hibernation tendencies forcing me into the depths of my duvet for much of the time. It's not been the best start to the new year...I feel like I've lost my mojo. But then I hear the voice of the very tenacious Elizabeth Taylor in my head...

So, with that in mind, I get moving. I'm not one for new year's resolutions anymore. I seem to disqualify myself from success before I've even started! So, I don't stick 'THAT'  label on it. But I do reflect on the year just gone, to ponder on what could be better in the new year. And this year, I choose to carry on living my life by 'doing all things with great love', for in doing so, fulfilment rushes along to stir up a feeling of contentment, achievement and a real sense of gratitude for this life that I have been given. When I do things, all things, with love, I appreciate life and all it's possibilities. It brightens up the mundane, and it brings smiles to those around me. As I spend most of my time being a mum, wife, friend and homemaker, I try to apply this one rule to all these roles as much as I can. It's not always easy, because many factors and the stresses of life sometimes get in the way, but in 2014, I will try...

In my homemaking...adding a little sparkle wherever I can...

I like things to look pleasing to the eye, and organised. So, I've tackled my wardrobe, keeping only that which I believe to be beautiful, and useful...

A bargain 20 pence jewelry box, finally organised to hold only the pretties I still wear...

Fairy lights make all things better...adding love and warmth...

And in my giving to others, I will create and give in love...

Teeny tiny parcel, sewn with love

An old book page lovingly hugs a tiny gift inside...

A gift, wrapped with a little added sparkle

Small things with love...

Every day is a new start. I will aim to be practical in this one thing, adding love to ever task, every challenge, every encounter. So, my challenge to you this year, is to do all things with great love. For if you sow love, you will reap it.

Blessings, Tania ♥


  1. lovely words and images that are a great start to a new year

    1. Hi Lorrie! Thank you for reading, and for saying such a cheery hello! It's always lovely to read comments like yours! All the very best to you and yours for 2014! Tania xxx

  2. A lovely post and a lovely home! I put fairy lights in cupboards with glass doors ... they really twinkle and the battery ones from Poundland are great, as no trailing wires to contend with ...

    Have a lovely weeked, Tania

    Love Claire xxx

    1. Hi Claire! Thank you for liking the post and saying so! I do love twinkly much...they're finding their way into every nook and cranny in my home! What a great idea to put the battery ones inside cupboards! Good old Poundland does put a smile on my face with great finds at times! Hope your weekend has been lovely too! Tania xxx

  3. Joyful New Year wishes to you as well, dear Tania. Thank you for sharing more of your endlessly beautiful, wonderfully organized (love your vintage jewelry - so pretty!) home with us. I love how you utilize the space you have to the very best of its abilities.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Hi Jessica! Awww...thank you! I love taking pictures of my home and sharing it with everyone...if only it inspires me to actually tidy up a bit! I hope your new year ahead is going to be better than anything that's gone before, and that you'll accomplish all you set out to do! Much love to you my very stylish friend! Tania x

  4. ~ A beautiful post, Tania, adding a dash of sparkle and glitter and indeed fairy Twinklie lights makes January much more pleasing......There should be a law passed that we should all do this..
    ~ and one that pale pink should be worn at all times through the darker months..There we feel better all ready...Hugs and kisses xxx

    1. Hi Maria! I agree...let's draw up a petition to enforce wearing sparkle and glitter in January! Hee-hee...Thank you for brightening up my gloomy January day with your lovely comments! All that's good and wholesome for you for 2014! Tania x

  5. What a beautiful bedroom you have, such a pretty place to rest, no wonder you wanted to hide under the duvet!


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