Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Year: A time to say farewell...

As we're already well into the new year with the first week of 2012 nearing an end, I gather my thoughts to contemplate what lies in store for us over the next twelve months. The year kicked off with us hosting a little soiree with friends...yummy food...a splash of bubbly (although for some it was more a soaking!)...and a boogie round the living room! A few pictures of our frivolities....

The customary Charlie's Angels pose
(Pictured: Me, and my fellow wonky haloed accomplices, Fiona and Dawn)
More silly poses...some of us working harder at it than others!
My lovely friend Heather and I
Lots of laughter round the kitchen table
(Pictured: Friends Dianne and Dawn, with their lovely daughters)
It was a wonderful way to spend the last few hours of 2011, and we entered 2012 on a high note.

On the 2nd January, however, we received news that my hubby's dearest grandad Poppy had passed away at the age of 90, just a few weeks short of his 91st birthday. Although we were all expecting it as he was slowly slipping away from us, it didn't numb the loss of a truly wonderful man. But, I can honestly say that wrapped up in the sadness, was the deep sense of rejoicing of a life that was dedicated to the Lord. He had longed for so long to go home to his Maker, and finally he has made that journey. On Monday his friends and family will gather to pay tribute to a devoted dad, grandad and great-grandad...he raised a beautiful family, lived his life to overflowing, saw so much, survived the war and served Jesus with every breath. The hardest part for us will be that we are so far away from our South African home, and that we won't be able to be there. However, we will pay tribute in our own small way as we gather with family over here in the UK.

As we enter this new year with a sad farewell, I'm also aware of the opportunity for new beginnings that awaits us. In reflecting on Poppy's life, I can't help but feel inspired by his enthusiasm for life, his love and devotion to his family, his generosity of spirit and his fun-loving nature. One thing I take from the way he lived his life, is to spend time wisely, on the really important things that really matter, to be an investor in the goodness and wholesomeness of family. To quote Maya Angelou: 'People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.' Poppy welcomed me into his family as if I was his own grand-daughter, his flesh and blood, and made me feel like I belonged. I will always remember that. I will remember how he rushed over as Graham and I stepped outside the church on our wedding day, and gave me the warmest hug before the confetti could even make it into the air. And of course that he spun me round the dance floor like a seasoned Fred Astaire as we did the Charleston at Mark and Bronnie's wedding! Boy, did I have to work hard to keep up!

To Poppy: 'Enjoy walking the golden streets of heaven! No doubt there'll be some dancing too! We will miss you, but you have left behind legendary memories for us to remember you by!'

And to all of you...happy new year! May your year be filled with love, peace, goodness and happy memories! Cheers!


  1. What a beautiful blog....Such warm words and you've put a lump in my throat. I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Grahams's Grandfather but he is now entrusted to the care of Our Lord and therefore in the safest pair of hands. Bless you and your family Hunny xxxx

  2. What a wonderful tribute to a long life. Keeping you and yours in prayer.


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