Monday, 23 January 2012

Captain America and the pretty red dress

I have never been a die hard fan of comic super heroes, and just can't get myself excited about the likes of Spiderman or Superman. I do appreciate all the artistry, imagination and vision that goes into creating these characters, and the illustrations are amazing. I can definitely see the appeal, but it has never got me excited. That was until this weekend! The boys in my life had a movie night on Friday as both myself and my daughter were out, and they indulged in the 2011 release of Captain America, the First Avenger. Needless to say, they loved it, and egged on by my seven year old, I finally succumbed on Sunday afternoon to watch the film he claimed 'even mummy would enjoy'! And guess what...I loved it! Perhaps not just for obvious reasons, such as the fine physique of Captain America, played by the handsomely chissled Chris Evans, but for more frivolous reasons such as the 1940's styling!

The story takes us back to the beginnings of Captain America himself, how he ended up being turned from a scrawny little lad deemed unfit for military service (with the heart of a lion), into a bulked-up soldier ready to take on the Nazi's with his powers of strength and agility, and the very important indestructable shield that he carries. Even typing that last sentence, I think, what? Did I really watch and enjoy a film where he battles the villain Hydro who wants to take over the world? Hand on heart...yes. It was decently acted, contained just the right amount of action, and with the very beautiful Peggy (played by Hayley Atwell) there was even a little romance. As hubby put it, a little something for everyone.

Peggy, played by Hayley Atwell

Now, I NEVER watch a movie and just pay attention to the plot. Oh no! I scrutinize the setting, the wardrobe and styling, and often this can make or break a film for me. I loved the styling in this film, especially that of the very feisty Peggy. I loved her hair...

...and the shade of her red lipstick...

...but most of all, THAT red dress!

This dress was especially made for the very gorgeous ms Atwell, and when asked whether she kept it, she admitted that she hadn't, and that it's probably been put in storage somewhere. Nooooo! It fitted her like a glove, and if I looked that good in a dress, I would definitely not part with it!
I wish I could say that I take away some profound truth, a lesson learnt, or a gem of wisdom from this film, but, I take away just one thing. A mission to find a red dress like that! I know, it's fickle, but true. And that is that!


  1. First off...I am a guy, and that dress blew me away! :D
    I was speechless. She was beautiful!

    That would be awesome if I went to my date and she came like!

  2. I know you posted this over a year ago, but if you still want this dress, this seamstress makes it custom to your measurements! She does fantastic work.

  3. I'd like to get this dress for my wife. I didn't see an exact match on that link. Can anyone help?


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