Sunday, 8 January 2012

Lazy weekends...

This weekend was supposed to be a very productive one, with countless jobs needing to be done. But...instead, I opted for procrastination, shoved the old 'To-do-list' aside, and enjoyed some playtime with the kidlets. They were given a gingerbread house kit for Christmas (thank you Sue!), and as we hadn't got round to assembling it yet, we spent Saturday decorating our Hansel and Gretel cottage with sweet delights. Needless to say, it took quite a while as there was a lot of slacking (or should I say snacking?) going on! Hee-hee.... I supervised and was chief glue-er, whilst the kidlets did the decorating. This is what it looked like doesn't look like that anymore...little fingers has picked away at it!

On Sunday we had a Pyjama day...I know, L-A-Z-Y! In an effort to completely ignore the mountain of laundry that was staring me in the face, I took to blogging a bit, whilst the kidlets created Fuzzy Felt pictures.

And this is my nemesis of sorting, ironing and packing away...The worst thing is that there is an equally big load spilling over in the laundry basket waiting to be washed...Eugh...

New year's resolution no. 1: STAY ON TOP OF THE LAUNDRY! Enough said.

Have a fabulous Monday, and an even better rest of the week!


  1. Have a nice day!! Now I follow your lovely blog.

  2. Welcome Riitta! Thank you for the follow! I hope you will enjoy reading it.

  3. What a fun day.. cute gingerbread house.. So nice to let the laundry go and just enjoy the kids.. They are grown before you know it. Enjoy them while they are young...
    oh the worse job is ironing. I procrastinate


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