Sunday, 22 January 2012

Delight in the little things!

With the new year well and truly on it's way, and each month beckoning with new birthdays to be celebrated, I have decided to be more organised, to plan ahead and get the gift list sorted before the claws of last minute panic buying grab me at the ankles! If there is one thing in life that excites me, it's handing over a gift to a friend or loved one, in the hope to see a smile of genuine satisfaction spread across their face. I think it is true that one tends to give gifts that appeal to one's own personal taste, and I suppose that's why I love giving gifts that I've created myself. I find the idea of someone taking the time to lovingly craft something personal for me, utterly heart-warming! That's why I love giving hand-made gifts myself, and with that in mind, forward-planning is of the utmost importance! That being said, I must remind myself to keep the individual in mind, as I'm sure not everyone likes 'homemade'?

Now, as I love sewing, I tend to sew gifts, but I have also made other items that require no sewing, and thought that I'd share my latest project with you. If there is one thing that has endless possibilities, it's the very humble jar, or more to the point, the mason jar. One can fill it up with just about anything, decorate and it looks lovely. I made this for a very special lady's birthday, using nothing but the jar, tea lights and embellishments, card, ribbon and a bit of imagination! I found a page of words in my scrapbooking ephemera stash, and the word 'delight' jumped out at me. The saying 'delight in the little things' came to mind, and that was it! I decided to fill a mason jar with tea lights, and to decorate it with a play on words...'de-light in the little things'! Get it? Tea Okay, it's just me...

Well, this is was the process...

...and the finished jar...

Now, I was 'delighted' with how it turned out! The lovely recipient loves candles, so it made a simple and practical gift. I would love it if you would share some of your ideas, so please leave a comment and share away!

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  1. Seeing how so very practical this idea is ....I will be doing all my gifting this year in a jar.....xXx
    There will be jar coming your way in march....x


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