Saturday, 3 September 2011

Oh, to be a little boy! little man is two, and I cannot believe he is ready for his big-boy-bed! As I've had a bit of a play in my older two kidlets' bedrooms, jazzing them up before the winter arrives, I thought it only fair to do the same for our little guy. I have had such fun creating a little space for him to play, learn and sleep in, a room that will hopefully grow with him. I thought I'd share some pictures with you of what I've done. But first, let's say goodbye....
The time has come to create a room for imaginative play, and to pack all the fluffy baby things away...

And the room as it is now...

I found the cutest bedlinen at Marks and Spencer. I love, love, love the print!

Using the bedlinen as inspiration, I decided to stick with the theme of 'playful childhood', adding a few vintage and retro touches, as well as some handmade trimmings.

First things first though, I decided that the furniture could do with an update. We had an old orange pine bed which looked like it had seen the inside of a spray tan chamber....eugh! Cream is so much better, so it got a good licking of paint. I also painted a little table and chair in blue, and decoupaged the tabletop using some paper printed in retro childhood images. I'm very pleased with the results!

Those of you who know me will know that I'm a big fan of bunting, so it was only right that some should make it's way into Roo's bedroom. I can honestly say that I love bunting, but making it is not my favourite pastime!. There are only SO MANY TRIANGLES a girl can cope with sewing! But, it does cheer the room up no end.

Of course I always look for an excuse to go thrifting. And a room makeover is the perfect reason to go hunting for new treasures. I had such fun taking the kids to some of my favourite thrift shops, and we were very successful in our little endeavour.
On the shelves are a few new friends we brought home with us. My favourite hands down, is the little orange wind-up bear, dating back to 1980. It still works perfectly! We also found two wooden jigsaw sets (1977 and 1979) which now grace the shelves and will undoubtedly be put through it's paces! The little star teddy was made by me a while back using a set of old PJ's that Roo had grown out of. As a backdrop for the shelves, I used some Cath Kidston fabric I had left over, which I stapled to the back of the shelves. I think it's just a teeny bit more interesting than a blank wall!

The walls looked a bit bare, so I sprayed three frames I already had with white paint. I glued some farmyard figures to card and popped them into the frames, and voila....quirky, and a little bit silly!

No room would be complete without a bit of sewing going into it. I made some applique cushioned squares to sit alongside a few other seaside things I had made a while back.

So, adding a few fresh ideas has hopefully created a room that our busy little two year old can dream and play in, and one that will experience many great imagined adventures....

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  1. Wow! I have loved all the bedroom updates you have done. This is lovely too. I love the bedding. I have recently been swooning over the Marks and Spencer bedding for girls. So cute! xxx

  2. Thank you Tracy! I've had way too much fun doing it...thinking long and hard about the next project!


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