Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A Warm Hug From Home...

There is only good thing that can come from living so far away from all your loved ones. It's the one thing that puts a smile on our faces when the postman rings the bell...A big brown box covered in stamps from sunny South Africa! This morning one such parcel arrived, and we hurriedly delved inside. And guess what was in it...? This gorgeous hand crocheted blanket for our little Roo's bed, lovingly crafted by my mum-in-law. Gogsie (that's what the kids call her) has made a blanket for all her grandchildren. Roo's blanket now has pride of place on his big boy bed.

Here are the gorgeous blankets that Gogsie made for my other two sprogs.

Aren't they beautiful? Nothing says homespun charm like a lovingly crafted blanket at the bottom of the bed.

The blanket was not the only surprise inside that box. Hiding underneath it were lovingly wrapped presents for the kidlets. The squeals of delight as my little seven year old opened his parcel could have been heard three doors down! The poor little guy has been under the weather and wasn't well enough to go to school today...But he sure seems to have perked up now! Look at these cuties...


 The boys couldn't wait to try out their new pens! 
Lauren's parcel is still nicely wrapped, waiting for her to come home from school...

We're all trying to guess what's tucked away inside... As for this boy, well he is very pleased with his king of the jungle pen. He also told me that the collection of stones he received are his 'most precious things ever'! That says it all!
A big, big thank you to the best Gogsie in the world!

Gogsie and Kimpa
Much loved and sorely missed! Hope to see them soon!


  1. i like parcels too...especially one filled with lovely things!....but the postman never brings one over!!...glad to see roo's blanket is nowon his bed!...x

  2. I didn't know how far from home you were. I can totally relate. Those blankets are absolutely beautiful. Hugs,
    Tracy xx

  3. Ooohhh, I love Mr. Postie knocking my door with a parcel. What a beautiful blanket looks perfect at the bottom of the bed. I'm glad you like my little giveaway, thanks for entering. Deb xxxx


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