Monday, 12 September 2011

Monday Blues...

The wind is tearing through the trees outside, the weekend has abruptly come to end, and there is a feeling of indecisiveness in the air...or at least in the air I breathe. I feel a bit like a chameleon on a Smarties box this morning. I know I have a bucket load of things to do, but cannot quite pin my thoughts and actions on anyone of them. I think it must be the Monday blues...So what do I do? I blog.

It has been a lovely weekend. The kidlets had an impromptu sleepover on Friday as three of their little buddies stayed over. Of course that meant lots of popcorn, hot chocolate, a good film and pancakes for breakfast. I love it when I have a good excuse to indulge in all of these! As for Sunday, more spontaneous socializing followed.

A dear friend of mine wanted to have a peruse at the British institution that is 'The Sunday Car Boot '. So, seven of us piled into the car to head for the rows of clutter-clearing-competitors, to see if we could bag a bargain. And here is my loot...

These gorgeous cushions were a snip at only £2, and they are as new. One still had tags on it!

Who remembers the original Rockem Sockem Robot game? These were first manufactured in 1964, and enjoyed minor pop culture status. I found this version of Mattel in great condition and in it's box, and again for a mere £2! I'm packing it away for Christmas for my little man. Shhh...don't tell him!          

This gorgeous little Clarks handbag, again in mint condition, set me bag a whole pound! I know, cheap as chips, and again, one more tick off the old Christmas list!
After all that hunting and gathering, we were ready for a bit of grub. And what can be better than good old bacon butties? We did in in style though...fried onion and mushrooms, eggs, beans and sausages too boot! Yes, I know...calorific! But, all in moderation right? (Moderation starts tomorrow.) I won't mention the blackberry and apple pie with custard that followed later in the afternoon as we gawked at all the limber limbs of the Strictly Come Dancing crew on the telly...

So, I ask you, how do you face the mundane Monday chores after a weekend like that? Hmmm...I think coffee with the girls might cheer me, ta-ra for now! Places to go, people to see!


  1. And the coffee and seeing you cheered us up too! Love the cushions...good find! And I remember those robots...classics :o)

  2. Oo! I love the bag, so cute. I do miss a good car boot rummage.
    I should have done a big house tidy today, but pottered around and did have atidy instead. Oh well. It's sometimes hard to get back into it all on


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