Thursday, 3 January 2013

Looking back at 2012...a year of many makes!

Sometimes when I look back at a year gone by, I try to mentally catalogue all that I've achieved in that year, but it's sometimes a little blurry and one forgets so many things! So, I decided to sift through the photos I had taken in 2012, little reminders of all that was made, enjoyed and dreamed up! I thought I'd share a few of those pictures with you today. My creative journey this year has been a wonderful one, and only once I paged through all the photos did I realise just how many things were crafted, created, sewed, up-cycled and done over!

My creative journey in pictures...2012!

♥ Escaping the January blues...

A little boat called 'Hope'.

              Teeny tiny bunting

♥February...The month of love...

           Quickie Valentine Wreath

♥March...There is a hint of spring in the air!

    Mini Spring Bunting for the dresser...

        Standing lamp gets a make-over...

   Another lamp gets a make-over...My first                    
      attempt at making a wire lampshade!

♥April...Easter...a time for new beginnings.

           Decoupaged 'E' for Easter...

                     Decoupaged Easter Scripture Eggs...

               Altered Muffin Tray

♥May...Spring/Summer fair sew-a-thon!

                Little Houses...

                 May Fair Fun

♥June...A time to celebrate!

   Jubilee Mouse...Celebrating the Queen's 
     ...And celebrating birthdays too!

     A birthday cake for my ten year old...

♥July...Summertime, and the living is easy...

         'The Princess and the Pea' 

                  'Wash Day'...

            'A day at the beach...'

    A pirate's birthday...Yes, I made cake!

♥August...Long balmy days...

                 Altered plate...

     A vintage sewing notions shadow box...

♥September...Seasons are changing...

         'Butterflies in flight...'

             'Peek-a-boo Mouse...'

♥October...Autumn is falling...

       Leafy Bookmarks in the making...

                 Autumn Wreath
      Autumnal 'Granny Chic' table runner.

♥November...already thinking 'Christmas'...

               'Heavenly Angels'

              Flirty Sea Horses

♥December...'Deck the Halls with Bells of Holly...!'

           Jolly Gingerbread Men...

         Jolly Ginger Man Wreath

     Higgledy-piggledy Christmas Houses.

        ♥Christmas Fair Frivolities!

And so another year of crafting comes to an end! There's been sewing, baking, painting, gluing, mending and bending! I look back and feel inspired for what will come in 2013! Here's to a year of productivity!


  1. What a wonderful crafty year you've had, Tania! You've provided me with lots of inspiration ... Love the Granny Chic lampshade, the altered muffin tin, and of course the fab cakes! Looking forward to seeing what you do this year ...

    Love Claire xxx

    1. Hi Claire! Glad you were inspired this year! I think I'd be lost if it wasn't for other inspiring blogs, Pinterest and the likes! Thank you so much for always saying hello, and leaving heartwarming comments. Have a fabulous 2013! ♥

  2. Awwwwww your stuff is so lovely Tania. Colourful in the tasiest variety! All the best for 2013! I look forward to more inspiration from you! x

    1. All the very best to you Kate! Thank you for your cheery visit! ♥

  3. I enjoyed your year in pictures Tania. Your work looks beautiful!!!

    Madelief x

    1. Thank you Madelief! I always pop over to your blog for inspiration, drawing from your beautiful pictures! Thanks for stopping by! ♥

  4. What an incredibly productive year full of beautiful creations you had. I love that there is a distinct style to your work. I'd recognize it anywhere now, and must say again how truly much I love every last project you create.

    Here's to an amazing 2013 chocked full of plenty of time for crafting,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Hello lovely lady! always leave such lovely comments. Thank you! I keep reading your blog for some style inspiration, and I'm hoping I'll be able to define and try new things on the vintage front too! Much love, Tania ♥


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