Thursday 17 January 2013

A little nesting...again...

Hello my lovelies! Firstly, thank you all so very much for all the well wishes! I am happy to report that my recovery has been speedy, and I'm on the mend! In fact, I've managed to do a bit of nesting. Once life turns back to 'normal' in January, I always hanker after a few changes in our nest. And then...beware! I start playing house. Things get moved around, re-vamped, re-purposed and if anyone is hovering anywhere they might always get moved, dusted and re-located! I thought I'd share a few pictures with you. I have taken them with my new phone (thank you awesome hubby!), and have played around with Instagram for the very first time. The jury is still out whether I'm sold on it or not. What do you think of it?

So, pictures...I have decided to move my favourite little cupboard downstairs into the living room, and instead of housing all manner of tat, it now holds some of my china.

 It also holds some favourite games. Do you remember playing any of these?

And displayed on top...a few of my favourite things...

 The dresser didn't escape the duster either...

 And guess who moved in? None other than Hansel and Gretel!

 And as for the old china cupboard? Well, that has now moved upstairs, and is housing my shoes!

 So, a few minor changes around here! What have you all been up to? I'm really hoping to catch up on some sewing this weekend, as I've got a few orders to fulfil! But I have to get my house in order first. Somehow a clean house has always meant a clearer head for me! I also plan on hosting a little giveaway soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Tania ♥


  1. Lovely as ever Tania! I find it hard to get going in this cold weather but your pics are motivating and inspiring, Glad you are better, Mandy at ethelandjosie xx

  2. so many treasures in your house! I loooove everything in the pics, the shoes, the abbacus, the blue cupboard...uf, lovely


  3. Wow! You have been busy! You surround yourself with so many pretty things. I bet you are happy all of the time! :)

  4. What a lovely post! I adore your little cupboard and as for all that gorgeous vintage china ... wonderful!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. So many treasures to show, lovely post. And I love the cupboard with your shoes in xx

  6. What a beautiful home you have Tania! Just lovely xxx

  7. I'm in looooove with your cupboards.... so pretty amazing! Go on and make more pictures ;-)

  8. your dresser is sooooo lovely tania .... every girls dream! x

  9. glad your feeling better. How amazing to have a shoe cupboard! and pretty shoes to put in it! nice to have a move around, Heather x

  10. Your home is so beautiful it teeters on being surreal (I mean that in the very sweetest of ways), honey. Seriously, you have one of the most amazing eyes for charming, classic, vintage inspired decor I've ever encountered.

    So happy to hear that you're on the mend - that's awesome!!!

    ♥ Jessica

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