Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Pop Art at Harrods...

Now, yesterday was supposed to be spent at the sewing machine. But, the opportunity for a little impromptu visit to the Big Smoke presented itself, so the whole fandamily set off to the business capital that is Canary Wharf, London. While hubby had to attend a meeting the kidlets and I pootled around the shopping mall. I realised soon enough that I'm more of a country bumpkin than I thought! The crowd of suits and heels did not appeal to me at all! However, the children were in awe of the tall skyscrapers, and a hearty lunch at Wagamamas hit the right spot! After lunch we set of for Knightsbridge to visit the very luxurious and iconic department store that is Harrods.

The highlight of this visit was most definitely the Halcyon gallery display. During this autumn season one can peruse the Pop Art Exhibition on the second floor, and with art and sculpture from Andy Warhol, Bob Dylan, Mauro Perucchetti and Lorenzo Quinn on display, the ooh's and aah's are plentiful!

Lorenzo Quinn...'Force of nature'

Mauro Perucchetti...'Guns and Roses'

Andy Warhol...'Cowboys and Indians'

My favourite...'Marilyn'

The children's favourite...didn't quite catch his name...
Please excuse the poor quality of some of the pictures...They were taken with a mobile phone, and in a hurry!
One of the best treats in Harrods at this time of year has to be 'Christmas World'. Now, I used to work in Harrods many years ago, and got to experience the Christmas department in all it's glory over several years. I was a little disappointed with it this was a lot smaller than it used to be, and the atmosphere didn't seem as Christmassy as before. Still, it had some beautiful elements to it.
Disney boutique...where little girls can try on new shoes like little princesses!
Well, a fun day was certainly had, and my only regret is that I couldn't take better pictures! I'm frightfully aware of just how strict the photography prohibitions are in Harrods, as it was expected of us to pounce on people with cameras back in the day when I used to work there! They seemed even stricter this time round. I did however ask permission to take a few snaps, and was given the 'I'll-turn my-back-and-pretend-I-didn't-see-you-permission-slip'!
If you have never visited this luxurious store, and ever have the opportunity to do so, I can highly recommend it. There is so much to see, and if you want to play a game of 'spot the celebrity', you have a good chance of success. We managed to spot singer Alexandra Burke photo though, as I respect the fact that she perhaps wanted to eat her lunch in peace!
Have a super day wherever you are, until next time!
Blessings, Tania ♥


  1. Very, very cool! Thank you for taking us along on your exciting outing, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see all of these great modern art pieces ("Guns and Roses" is my favourite).

    Happiest Halloween wishes, sweet gal,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Tania,
    what a lovely adventure.. Such a beautiful store. I loved the Christmas part.. I would have been lost in there, and never wanted to leave.ha. The disney shoe part, beautiful.. Know every little girl would love it. Enjoyed the art.. Thankyou for sneeking the photos and sharing with us.. One day, I would love to visit London. It is beautiful!!
    So proud you had such a nice time.. Any time you can get out and enjoy a wonderful family outting.. The sewing will be there when you get back.. Save it for a rainy day, as my mama would say.ha

  3. Hi Tania,

    Your day sounds lovely! The exhibition at Harrods looks good. I visited the Christmas department in Harrods years ago and liked it very much.

    I enjoyed seeing your children on the photograph. It looks like the enjoyed themselves too!

    Happy Halloween!

    Madelief x


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