Saturday, 27 October 2012

A chilled weekend ahead...

Hello my lovelies! Well, it's a lovely crisp Saturday morning where we are, and the temperatures have taken a little dive. We are wrapping up a little warmer, and finally the winter woollies are stretching their lazy arms from the bottom of the drawer, yawning away the long slumber of summer!
Tonight we are having a few friends over for a bring -and share 'Soup Night'. I think it's perfect timing as the chill in the air is calling for hands wrapped around steamy bowls of comfort food. What are you planning for the weekend? Whatever it may be, work or frivolities, I wish you a blessed, happy time! Embrace the ones you love, and enjoy a time of refreshing!

Warm hugs, Tania

P.S. Yip...I know...a very short post again. Please bear with me...I intend to a proper catch up soon, sharing with you what I've been up to over the last two weeks. It's been a busy, beavering time! :)


  1. Soup night, how lovely! Have a souper time :) it's very chilly here too, perfect for hunkering down!
    Victoria xx

  2. Old Man Winter is threatening us on this end, too! We've come dangerously close to freezing this week, but haven't seen the mercury drop quite low enough snow. This being Canada though, we're likely on weeks - or even days - away from it. I really don't mind, though I do hope it holds off at least until my beloved Halloween and come and gone! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  3. It's rather chilly today on the south coast Tania, my goodness it's lovely to see the sunshine though, we have had fog and grey for a week. I too am making soup and my hubby has requested a bakewell tart for afternoon tea, I've never baked one before but I'm going to give it a try :o) I will of course be knitting and crafting and snuggling under blankies with my book xox Have fun with your friends, sounds like a perfect night in to me. x P

  4. OH yummy.. Soup night sounds wonderful. Hope you , family and friends have a great night.
    It has turned pretty chilly here too. I just put on a pot of beef stew..And have been working on the closets....pulling out winter clothes and putting away summer things..


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