Monday, 29 October 2012

Take a leaf from this book...

Hello my lovelies! How is your Monday treating you? Hopefully with kindness? The kidlets are on their half-term break at the moment, so we spent the morning in the lovely town of St. Ives (Cambridgeshire), just pootling around the market, and indulging in a few comforts from home...Home being South Africa, and the treats being sweets and 'dry wors' from 'Die Koskas', a bit of manna from heaven in the shape of a market stall! I've also been doing a little sewing for my very own Christmas market stalls which I will be selling at in the run up to the festive season. I've been sewing leafy bookmarks...I'm not quite finished, but I'm well on my way. I adore books, and it scares me that technology seems to be replacing the use of printed books. Nothing quite beats the turning of pages on a journey through a gripping story. Hence my desire to make some bookmarks!

Just in case you missed it...

Leafy loveliness...
Apart from sewing, we have also had a wonderful weekend spent in the company of friends. I mentioned in my last post that we were planning a 'Soup Night'. Well, we all had a wonderful time laughing, eating and catching up over steamy bowls of soup. Here are a few piccies!
Autumnal posies...
Set the table...


'Friends are the family we choose for ourselves...'
I wish you all a very happy Monday, and an even happier rest-of-the-week!
Tania ♥



  1. Everything is splendidly pretty and wonderfully rich with the timeless elegance, beauty and serenity of autumn. As a voracious reader (and avid bookmark user) I'm especially fond of your beautiful fall leaf markers (so creative!).

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Oh it looks like you have a wonderful warm and cosy evening with friends! I AdOrE your bookmarks, shame I don't live closer or I'd be coming to make a little purchase! :) enjoy your half term break!
    Victoria xx

  3. What a warm and friendly gathering this looks to be! Autumn really is perfect for those sorts of occasions. I adore your bookmarks and couldn't agree more, I worry about the fate of paper books, but think that as long as there are people like you and me around they will always have good homes. Speaking of which, I'm off to read one now.

    Anna x

  4. Tania,
    I love books/and magazines too.. My children tell me all time, you can read on the computer or on the nook.. Please, I love to look at the cover of the books, and as you said, turn the pages.. Your book marks are adorable.
    Your house is lovely.. I so enjoy the photos of it..I have seen your sewing room, now the dining area.. And both were a total joy.. Does you whole house look this beautiful. [I think it does. how beautiful!!]
    So proud you and friends enjoyed the soup get together.. Looks like lots of fun..
    Thankyou for sharing your photos..

  5. Such a lovely warm and inviting post Tania.
    LoVe those pretty book marks too.
    Kindest regards Maria x

  6. The bookmarks are beautiful, and I can tell you had a wonderful time with your friends.

  7. Oh my what loveliness! I want to make some of these bookmarks now. And your home is so warm, cozy, and beautiful! What a blessing for your friends to visit!

  8. Love your bookmarks-what a sweet idea.


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