Thursday, 13 September 2012

Small blessings and bunting...

Hello my lovelies! We're well back into the swing of things as the new school year has started, and I'm slowly trying to get organised for what is always the busiest time of year for me. What with all the sewing for Christmas craft stalls, and pressies for loved ones, I always feel permanently bonded to my Elna at this time. However, I am forever leaving things to the last minute, and then having to sew until stupid-o-clock every morning to meet deadlines, but I shall make a 'ginormous' effort to be a little more forward thinking and pro-active this year! I meant to tidy my sewing stash today in readiness for the sewing en-mass that is to come, but my little man was poorly today and off school (already!), so those intentions were coughed out the window...literally...Instead, whilst playing nurse, cook and the provider of entertainment, I managed to make a little something to get me in the mood for sewing. I've been tidying and re-organising my dresser, for the gazzilionth time, as I just can't stop playing house with it, and I made some teeny-tiny bunting to jazz it up!

Recycling lovely sheets and pillow cases...

Teeny-tiny triangles...
Bunnies, bunting, flowers and tea cups...small blessings to brighten the shelves...
The dresser is looking a little more cheerful now, and I'm feeling more cheerful too...little man has perked up, and I'm counting my blessings...
I may not have achieved the task I set out to do today, but I've at least been a little productive. I hope you're enjoying blessings too wherever you are!
Tania ♥


  1. Love the little bunting - it is gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Your bunting (like everything in your home) is so, so tremendously pretty! I love the blue floral print, it reminds me very much of the early 60s curtains that still hang in a room at my maternal grandma's house to this day.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Oh, what a glorious dresser! The bunting finishes the look perfectly. I have the same PiP Studio jug in blue - such a gorgeous range! x

  4. Hello Tania,
    You post cheered me this morning!! Soo pretty!
    I do love a bit of puttering and prettying up.
    I hope your 'little man' is feeling a little better too( can remember with mine) I used to worry soo....
    Have a sweet kind of Friday, wont you.
    LoVe Maria x

  5. oh wow - its so pretty - i love a good welsh dresser - dont you. they cry out for things that are pretty! xxx

  6. Thank you all for your wonderful commments! I always try to reply to each and everyone, but this week has been truly, madly busy...I do apologize for not replying to you all of you individually! Your comments mean the world to's always lovely to hear your thoughts! Tania ♥♥♥

  7. It's a blessing just coming to your blog and seeing your beautiful makes and decorated dresser Tania :o) I love those old sheets and your teeny tiny oh so neat bunting, beautiful indeed xox Penelope

  8. The dresser look absolutely beautiful....clever girl!
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  9. I adore the little bunting, it is so very sweet!

  10. Ooo I love your pretty fabrics!! I'm forever making lists of new things to do and make but they get pushed aside and I forget.

    Lovely dresser.

    Gemma xx

  11. O...How pretty! This is so you! You have chosen such soft and sweet florals and the binding is a delight.
    I have yet to make myself a bunting...I really need to get sewing on one!


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