Monday, 3 September 2012

A little imperfect perfection

The summer holidays are coming to an end, with the children excitedly anticipating the start of a new school year on Wednesday. Our youngest will be spreading his tiny wings a little too when he starts at playschool, so life is ringing in a few significant changes for our household. I haven't done any sewing since the kidlets broke up for the summer, as I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible before the balmy summer days make way for the cold, crisp confines of autumn  and winter skies. So, like a race horse I have been chomping at the bit to get back in the saddle of my trusty Elna! I wanted to sew a little something that I could start and complete in as little time as possible, something to ease me back into sewing mode! I am not a very patient person, and as a result I don't always enjoy long, drawn out projects which take weeks on end to complete!

Our dining table has been looking a bit sad and neglected...It's so easy to use it as a dumping space for anything and everything that needs to be put away 'later'... So, I figured that if I dress it a little better, then maybe, just maybe I'd be more inclined to keep it looking lovely and tidy. What it needed was a pretty table runner to cheer it up! I'm a big fan of the lovely Tiff  at Dottie Angel, and am partial to a little 'granny chic' myself.  Armed with my favourite leftovers fabric scraps, doilies, lace and a little vintage loveliness, I set to work an made my very own table runner, one I'd like to call 'a little imperfect perfection'. The trick with this project was to not over think things! I tend to do that...One sometimes has to get in touch with ones inner child, the part of oneself that can piece together a naive collage of sweetness and innocence with a free mind and an open heart. This is quite tricky for someone like myself who suffers from 'perfectly-measured-and-drafted-control-freak syndrome'...

Anyhow, I thoroughly enjoyed making this crazy patchwork of random thoughts and cheerfulness. The dinner table looks happier...

Linen, covered in lace, doilies, yummy fabric scraps and vintage loveliness...sewn together in a rather haphazard fashion...

Vintage buttons for added cheer...

Butterflies and birds...

Vintage handkerchiefs...♥

A very happy, cheery little patch of sweetness...

The wonderful thing about a little project like this, is that even if you 'don't know how to sew', you could make it! And make it beautifully! I urge you to have a go, and if you do, spread some cheer and post a note to let me know you've done so! The only rule is: 'There are no rules!' That's the fun of making something that is so imperfectly perfect!

Have a fabby-dabby-doo week!
Tania ♥


  1. Hi sweet Tania!
    Oh...You have done it again! This is the sweetest table runner with all it's cheerful detail...doilies, lace, linens and colorful prints. It has your personality written on it from one end to another!
    Hugs across the pond,
    Carolynn xoxo

  2. It is adorable, I love it!


  3. Oh that looks lovely Tania!
    Victoria xx

  4. Just WOW!!! How inspiring is this? I love your blog!


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