Sunday, 9 September 2012

A nifty little thrifting challenge!

When the opportunity for a little me-time presents itself, (which doesn't happen very often might I add!), I love spending that time thrifting. Some woman hit the shoe shops, I go straight to the car boot sales! This weekend hubby occupied the kidlets so that I could  have some down time, and a little 'hunting/gathering' was just what I needed! I do try to go with a clear idea in mind of what our home needs, as opposed to indulging in impulse buying , you know, buying just for the sake of it! After all, one has to try to be wise with the pennies! So, I set myself a strict budget of ten pounds, and made a little mental list of little necessary treasures to look out for. For one thing, we were in desperate need of tumblers...the combination of young children, a very unforgiving Belfast sink, and brutal granite kitchen worktops, have meant that many a glass have died a death, and so we needed to replace these! I could just go to Ikea, or the supermarket for these, but that's no fun! And boy, did I have a successful day's thrifting! And of course there is always room for those 'necessary' homely touches that you just can't pass up...

Just look at these lovelies...
Vintage Panache Flamingo tumblers! They don't get more kitsch and yummy than these!

1960's Plastic Toy cute! And useful of course...
Beautifully crocheted flowers...
I'm sure they will come in handy...

A little while ago, I sold a print which I had grown a little tired of. It was a lovely piece, but sometimes a change is needed! I have been keeping my eye out for something a little lighter and more cheerful, and I found a beautiful original water colour painting titled 'Summer Glory'.

I'm in love with it...
(And got it for a song!)

Lovely summer bouquet...
This Liberty of London teapot had my name on it...I can't believe it wasn't wanted anymore...♥
More florals...a Wedgwood plate, and cute little jug...
Another much needed necessity is bowls for cooking and serving up food...Mine seem to have gone AWOL one at a time...Over the years we have socialised and attended gatherings of a 'bring and share' nature. Somehow, by taking food to events, I have lost some of my lovely dishes over the years. And I'm slowly replenishing stock. I didn't want to just buy any old dish. I've had my eyes peeled for Pyrex dishes, as I love these! They remind me of my childhood, as I remember my mum having some.
Finally, I spotted this sweet rose Pyrex dish...granny chic at it's best!



The one I couldn't ignore...
I love old tins, and this commemorative tin celebrating the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II was too lovely to pass by!

I am absolutely delighted, tickled pink, and full of the joys of spring over all the spiffy thrifty bargains that have come home with me. The best part of course, is that I managed to save myself quite a bit by buying pre-loved items, objects of loveliness which are useful, have got much life left in them, and are needed! Happy days!
Have a superbly, blessed week!
Tania ♥


  1. Dearest Tania,
    What incredible treasures you found...and at just the right price. I love the many floral items that you brought home. Your home is such a doll house and each item will fit right in.
    Have a nice week, Tania,

  2. What lovely finds! I totally agree with you ... give me a good old car boot sale any day ... much better than trudging around overpriced, overheated shops, all selling identical stuff!

    Have a lovely week,

    Your new follower Claire xx

  3. Hi Tania,

    I can't believe you found all these lovely things for under ten pounds. They look just lovely. The teapot being my favourite!!

    Wish you a happy week,

    Madelief x

  4. Hi Tania. I have just found your blog and I like what I have seen. You make some lovely things. I have a few Tilda books but haven't managed to make anything from them yet. I shall keep reading your lovely blog. Melanie

  5. What a terrifically awesome vintage treasure haul. If Canadian thrift stores still offered up such an abundance of yesteryear goodies in one day, I think thrifting would turn into my full time job! :D

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Fabulous finds! Love the picture - gorgeous! Enjoying your blog.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Fantastic treasures! I love the Pyrex dish, especially as it has a pink rose on it, another little craze of mine! Well done you and hope you found the day relaxing. x


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