Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Home Tour Part 2: Wash Day...

Hello my lovelies! Welcome to the mad house! Yes, while the children are on holiday it is a little crazy around here...mind you, it always is! But, I have managed to play house, indulge in a little homemaking, and we are all set for part 2 in our Home Tour. Today it is the turn of the smallest room in our house, the laundry room. Although it is tiny, I have again snapped away, and have quite a bit to share! The challenge with this room has always been to keep it tidy and organised, as there is always a neverending pile of washing to be done, as you can imagine in a household with three children! Now, this little room has also lacked personality, as I've never made an effort to dress it up a little. It was bland and messy, but hopefully now that I've dolled it up it will encourage me to keep on top of the laundry! So, here we go. Come on in...

Getting organised...

The first thing that I needed to think about, was storage. Pretty storage of course! Like any laundry room, ours is full of bottles of cleaning liquids, detergents, soap, dust cloths, polish, brushes etc. I made a list of possible storage solutions, and gathered and re-cycled what I had around the house to serve this purpose.

Re-purposed Jars, Tins, Bottles, and Boxes...
I had this large glass jar to store cookies in, but as I have quite a selection of cake tins, I thought this would come in more handy as a laundry detergent jar. I love clear glass jars! The 1930's wooden scoop was a little purchase from the Ramsey 1940's weekend.

This lavender bottle from Lille in France, we have used for many years at the breakfast table for orange juice. Now it stores fabric conditioner! The old sand bucket and Kilner jar now houses my pegs.

 One can never have enough pretty jars and bottles! The tiny jam jar is now used for essential oil, and the re-cycled peanut jar is ready for storing clothes labels for school uniform.

Dressed up jars are sitting prettily on the shelf...
More jars for storing bits and bobs, such as picture hooks and curtain hooks...all neatly organised!

Storage for shoe polish...a pretty tin perhaps?
An old colander to hold dust cloths?

Old glass jelly mould turned soap dish...

I have a pine shelf which I thrifted from a charity shop quite some time ago, but I never knew where to put it. It was a bargain at the time, with no real purpose. Well, I've managed to get rid of the ugly orange pine that it was by painting it white, and distressing it. It now sits on the wall in the laundry, holding pretties that I have collected.

The fork and spoon that I have added as decoration belongs to hubby. He had these as a child. I thought that they looked nicer on here than tucked away in a box in the loft! 

A few pretties...
A pretty collected silver spoon...

Old jelly mould and tiny cup and saucer...

Vintage hankies...

Window treatment...
The window looked a little sad and forlorn, and needed a little something. In my opinion, if anything needs 'a little something', one can never go wrong with lace, lace, and more lace! I had a little lace table cloth which happened to be the exact width of the window. So, I chopped it in half, hemmed it and voila...a feminine touch and more privacy! There is nothing more pleasing to the eye than sunlight peeking through a lace curtain!

I also tried my hand at starching a lace doily and turning it into a bowl. I was quite pleased with the result!

A few rustic touches here and there...
A vintage washboard...
I have always wanted a vintage washboard for the laundry room, so I was a woman on a mission when I attended the 1940's event this past weekend! And I was not disappointed. I found this on one of the stalls, and was tickled pink!

I used to work at Harrods in the Toy Department. One day, whilst browsing in the store during my lunch break, I spotted this quirky door knob hanger in one of the displays. After a little discussion with the department manager, I managed to convince him to sell it to me! We had to decide on a price, as the item wasn't meant for sale. In the end, I think I got it for a song! Well, it is a very practical item for the laundry room, as there is always something that needs to be hung up out of the way!

The plate above is one that I altered by adding transfers and buttons.



And finally, no room is complete without a little art...not even the laundry room...
I printed off some vintage images, which I then glued onto chip board that I cut to size. (I do love playing with the power tools...the jigsaw especially!) I distressed the images a little for an older look, and popped them up on the wall. Some are a little cheeky...

And so, another room is organised...for now...

Let's just hope I can stay on top of the washing now. After all, this little plaque that hangs in the laundry is so near the truth, I hope that I can steer away from it and that service will improve! I need to nurture a love for ironing...

Thank you for visiting and staying a little while. I hope your home is a happy one wherever you are!

Blessings, Tania ♥♥♥


  1. I love stopping by your blog Tania, i find it so inspiring! Can I come and do laundry round yours? What a pretty room! Love your transformed plate! What a lovely idea. And your distressed pictures are fab too - did you use sandpaper on them to distress them?
    Victoria xx

    1. Hi Victoria! Of course you can come and do your laundry round mine...I think we'll probably end up chit-chatting over cups of tea, and not much will get done! :) Yes, I used a fine grade sandpaper to distress the pictures, and added a few more touches by inking the edges with an ink pad. Where the colours from printing was too bright, I muted them a little by rubbing a brown chalk over the pictures to age them a little. Thanks for coming in! Tania x

    2. Ooh chit-chatting with tea sounds a lot better than laundry :) thank you for letting me know about the pictures to and your oh so lovely comments over on mine! Enjoy the rest of the day!
      Victoria xx

  2. Dear sweet Tania! goodness! You have the cutest laundry room! Every detail is darling...and, it sure does make doing laundry a lot more fun!
    You transformed the white plate into a perfect piece of art!
    I love everything, my dear friend!
    Blessings and thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughtful comment!
    Carolynn xo

    1. Thank you lovely Carolynn! Glad you like it! Much love, Tania ♥

  3. Hi,
    I liked your blog and I personally invite you to join - The World's Free Collectors Zone.
    We will also be happy to cooperate with your blog such as adding its link to our site.
    All the best,

    1. Hi Diane! Thanks for popping in, and for the invite! I will take a look! Hope to see you again soon! Tania ♥

  4. What an incredible treasure trove of a home you have! I'm smitten with all of your beautiful vintage pieces - and inspired, too! We recently moved houses and after years of very small homes and an uncertain future (as to where we'd be living due to going through the immigration system for my Italian husband), I've finally been able to start gathering more meaningful, lovely pieces like these for my home, too.

    Thank you deeply for your fantastic blog comment. I'm so elated that you got in touch, as I'd been thoroughly interested to know who the gorgeous woman sharing a page with me was, too. How serendipitous that you discovered me through Brit's blog and that we're now able to connect and follow one another.

    Tons of hugs my stylish page mate!
    ♥ Jessica

  5. yeah!!! i really enjoyed that thank you ...... it was a great tour!

    i also hate ironing - nothing a "shake before you peg" cant sort out!


  6. Hi Tania,

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. You have the prettiest laundry room I have ever seen! So many beautiful things on display.

    Have a lovely evening!

    Madelief x

  7. What a beautiful home you have! I love how you display things!

  8. Hi Tania....I am sitting here with my cousin, Laura...and I wwas just showing her how adorable your sweet blog is....She loves it, too!
    Hugs across the pond from the two of us!
    Carolynn and Laura


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