Saturday, 25 August 2012

A nod to vintage, the High Street way!

So, I have done a lot of blogging about our home, thrifting and sewing, but not so much about my passion for vintage inspired fashion. I think this is largely due to the fact that I'm still experimenting with my own style, and how I incorporate influences from the past into my own wardrobe. However, today I'd like to share a little outfit post with you, and a new up do that I tried for the first time on my own hair!

Although I am slowly building up a true vintage wardrobe by acquiring items as and when I need them, I'm always on the lookout for high street reproductions or vintage inspired items that would fit in well with my love of the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's. The shops are full of lovely impostors giving a nod to these era's, mimicking the past in cut, fabric, patterns and styles. I found a pair of high waisted pallazzo trousers not so long ago, which reminded me of the wide-legged cuffed trousers, worn by ladies in the 1930's and 1940's who were fond of avant-garde fashions, ladies like the lovely Katherine Hepburn, Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich.

And this is me...

Pallazzo trousers were high fashion in the late 1960's and 1970's, with a more prominent flare at the bottom. I think I prefer mine in keeping with earlier styles though! Now, I am very average in height at 1.61m tall (or short as the case may be!), and I'm no size 6, so I have got to be very careful how I wear wide-legged trousers...only with heels to elongate my legs, and make me look a little slimmer! So, needless to say, I don't wear these very often, but I do love them! I have teamed them up with a blouse, also from a High Street store, which has such lovely detail, reminiscent of earlier styles. It has a peplum cut, with ties to the back to pull in at the waist. The sleeves are quite extravagant with layers to create a puff-sleeved look.
Peplum designs evolving...
Here are typical examples of earlier peplum designs. I love the silhouette that it creates. Very feminine!

That's the outfit. Now for the hair. I do love nothing more than the feminine hairstyles of the 1940's and the 1950's. When I want to make an effort with my own hair, I always tend to pin curl it, then style it in a down style. I've been wanting to try a new up do for some time now, especially since purchasing a lovely orchid flower adornment recently! So, I set to work with hot rollers, LOTS of bobby pins and copious amounts of hairspray...sorry mother earth, I'll keep this to a minimum as best I can next time!
The front...

 The back...
The side...
I have to admit that it turned out a little different to what I had in mind! I started off thinking sleek 'victory rolls' and 1940's, but ended up with something a little more romantic and 'messy'! But, I like it still, and I think it's wearable. Flower adornments were very popular in earlier decades, and orchids are definitely some of my favourites. Do you ever sport some fauna/flora in your hair?
As you can tell, I have taken elements from different decades to put together an outfit that speaks to me. That's what I love about this journey in exploring vintage styles...I can be creative in choosing what I like, old or new, authentically vintage or reproduction. I am not a purist! At least not yet...
I hope you have enjoyed my first 'proper' outfit post. I look forward to playing dress-up a little more, and sharing the successes and failures with you! Hopefully more of the first!
Have an extraordinarily happy weekend!
Tania ♥♥♥


  1. Tania you are so beautiful.

    I am also no size six - but it doesn't mean we can't look fab as well! And you certainly do!


  2. About all I can say about your hair is Wow, it is beautiful, and I can't believe you can do that yourself!!! I also love your outfit. In the 70's that design of top and pants was back in, and I use to wear it all the time!

    Also, your picture of Katharine Hepburn caught my eye. I just loved her and her movies. If you can, watch her movie with Carey Grant called Holiday~ I want to buy it, and have watched it at least 50 times. It use to be available on You Tube, but was taken off about 6 months ago. Shucks!

    Love your blog, your style, and everything! God's blessings~ ♥♥♥

  3. I agree with Kate, you look beautiful Tania! Loving your up do too. I am no size six either (still blaming babies for that!) but the fashions of the 30s, 40s and 50s lend themselves to accentuating curves which is why I love these styles so much. Your palazzos are gorgeous.
    Victoria xx

  4. "Someone Sew Pretty!"...Dearest Tania.....You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside!
    What a darling post and what a blessing you are, my sweet friend.
    Carolynn. xo

  5. I love your outfit, and your hair is beautiful! I wish I could style mine up like that.

  6. How beautiful you look! The outfit is just lovely and you wear it so well. Your hair is gorgeous styled that way. All I can say is, "Wow!"

  7. Just discovered your great blog. I love the hairstyle, it really suits you. Off to do a bit more exploring of your blog...

  8. I adored your "first proper outfit post". You are a strikingly beautiful woman, and have such a great eye for style. I'm really excited to see what other outfits (and stunning hairstyles - loved this one!) you'll share with us in the future.

    ♥ Jessica

  9. I love Katherine Hepburn and your hair looks so pretty!


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