Wednesday, 9 May 2012

May Fayre..but no fair weather!

Now, for those of you who have ever been part of, or planned an outdoorsy event, you would know the importance of having good, sunny, fair weather on the day. Unfortunately, it's out of our hands when it comes to ordering sunshine, and one has to resign oneself to the idea that you would have to get on with the show, come rain or shine! On Monday we woke up to reasonable skies, but teetering in the distance were those threatening rain clouds, edging nearer and nearer, just as time crept closer for the opening at noon. And guess what? The fair was opened, and not long after, showers descended on our lovely village May Day Fayre, and brollies, wellies and raincoats came into play! But, if there is one thing that I admire about the British, it's their resilience when it comes to days like these. The day went on as planned, and people turned out in good numbers considering that it was real duvet/movie weather!

The day was opened by local MP, Jonathon Djanogly, and the lovely, cheerful sounds of Morris dancers. It was truly festive!

The choir  cheered us all up with their singing!

What would a British fair be without traditional Maypole dancing?

...and cakes of course!

As you know, I've been sewing my socks off in preparation for this day, and here is my stall! Open for business!

Please excuse the windswept pin curls could not stand up to the damp weather! (...and yes, I wore heels, regardless of the soggy, wet grass! I did, however, abandon these in favour of Wellies to pack up at the end of the day!) 

Here is one last project I prepared for the fair, and haven't shared yet. A sunny, happy beach day collage titled 'Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside.'

...but NOT on a day like today! Hee-hee...

It might look dry and somewhat bright, but these pictures were taken before buckets of rain arrived. At one point the church choir were huddled under my gazebo, piano in tow, belting out Greensleeves while the rain streamed down our little tents. I kept having to lift the gazebo roof to get rid of the heavy puddles settling on top, weighing the roof down!

But, all things considered, we had a wonderful day, a truly British affair!

Blessings to you, wherever you are, rain or shine!
Tania ♥


  1. Your stall looks lovely, I hope your Fayre raised lots of money despite the weather. You know it is a Bank Holiday when you are manning a stall in the pouring rain!

  2. It looks like your stall was a bright spot in the midst of a dreary day! Bad weather seems to make the day more memorable! :)
    If I was a wee bit nearer I would have been spending alot of money at your stall!

  3. Hello my sweet and beautiful friend! I am so very happy you enjoyed the May Fayre despite the bad weather! That's the spirit! It all sounds so wonderful and I loved the photos you shared, especially the ones of your stall and you! I will begin with you my friend, you are very gorgeous!!!! I love your dress, sweater and pretty button brooch! You look so retro and that is just how I would love to look! Your sweet spirit shines through on that beautiful face of yours! You are so feminine and have true joy! Now for your stall, if I could have came across the pond I most certainly would have left with one of everything! Your creations are so beautiful and stunning! You are a very gifted seamstress, artist and crafter! I also would have given you lots of hugs! Your stall is decorated beautifully. I love bunting and yours is so pretty! I remember when you made that and I am so glad to see you could use it at the Fayre. The floral tablecloths are so pretty too! You did a fabulous job with the Beach collage! All the details are beautiful and stitched perfectly! The Oh deer! appliqué and embroidery is just lovely, as is every single thing you made! I love all of the cheerful colors and fabrics you used! Thank you so much for sharing! I am glad the choir could take refuge under your gazebo and it was a wonderful day for all even with the rain! I hope you can get caught up on your rest! Blessings to you dearest heart! Much love, Paula xoxo


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