Thursday, 17 May 2012

"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."

I have to apologise for my slackness in posting this past week. I have felt a little fatigued after a very busy few weeks, and as not much housework got done I am playing 'catch up' in a big way! We're also in the middle of potty training, and I seem to be spending A LOT of time mopping up spills! I did catch our little man singing to himself yesterday: 'Well done me, well done me, I'm very proud of me. I'm very proud of me!' This was after he managed to squeeze out about two drops into the potty! Small accomplishments eventually become big ones I suppose! Anyhow, I have also decided to have a BIG CLEAR OUT! I'm tackling every room, one cupboard and one corner at a time, and the idea is to get my house in order. I shall apply this principle, and I quote William Morris:  "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."

Yesterday, I started with the kitchen. This is where I seem to spend most of my time, whether it's for it's intended purpose of cooking, or sitting around the table with friends enjoying a cuppa!  Now, my pet hate in the kitchen has to be the formidable 'plastics' cupboard! How is it that the Bermuda triangle of Tupperware exist in mine? There is always a tub without a lid, or a lid without a tub! Well, not anymore! I was ruthless in sorting it out, and all is in least until tomorrow!

I ALWAYS try to add a few new touches when having a spring clean. This is a little incentive for me to get the job done. There is nothing nicer than 'playing house', adding something new and fresh to a clean space. When the budget's tight, it might only mean moving things around a bit, or removing things, as the case may be...I did just that to one unsuspecting kitchen cupboard to create an open shelf...I removed the door! The only problem is that I now have to re-train my brain to stop reaching out for the cupboard door that's gone AWOL, as hubby so eloquently put it! I hate doors being left open, so this will take a little getting used to!

Voila! The 'new' open kitchen shelf!

A few new finishing touches...

...These hand painted wooden letters hang above the kitchen door. They were a little thrifted bargain!

'Baked with love'...a gift from a friend...

The light switchplate was crying out for a make-over...

And who said gnomes only belong in the garden? This one is a little touch of 'kitsch' for my kitchen...

So, the kitchen is sparkling, and now just the rest of the house to tackle! Thank you for stopping by. I would love, love, love if you'd say 'hi' and leave a happy comment. 'To gnome you is to love you!' Cheerio!

Tania ♥♥♥


  1. hi Tania! I just wrote on my blog tonight that I had to clean my back bedroom~ I'd love to do my entire house, and get rid of extras, but I think I pretty much either appreciate or use what I have. I have keep sakes that are meaningful when I look at them. That is the hard one. But someday I might let go of them. I think your kitchen must be really cute, because your little pictures are nice!

    Potty training is so much work...for both of you! Like I've told my girls when they where in the stage, and one has a son in it right now...I've never seen a kindergartener not potty trained...unless they have some exceptional problems of course~ It'll be over before you know it~ ♥♥♥

  2. Hello beautiful Tania, I always look forward to your lovely posts! Oh, your little man sounds so sweet! I love his song. Before you know it he will be completely potty trained. I began a big clean out the beginning of last week too! I started with the kitchen as well. :) Doesn't it feel good to get rid of things you don't love or need and have the rest organized and in order? I love the William Morris quote! That is so very true! I agree, being on a budget, it is easy to redecorate by simply moving things around. I do that often and it really makes everything seem fresh and new. Your kitchen shelf looks beautiful and so well organized! I would love to take all of the doors off the upper cabinets. I like being able to see everything as you have done.
    I love the bake letters, bake with love bunting and the light switch plate. You are so creative sweetie!!! I love your sweet gnome too! He is perfect in the kitchen and so cheerful! Oh, you do make me laugh, "To gnome you is to love you!" I know you and I love you dear friend! Enjoy tackling the rest of the house! Your kitchen looks fabulous! I hope you have a beautiful and happy weekend! Sending you a big hug and lots of love across the pond! xoxo~Paula

  3. To gnome you is to love you- you made me giggle last night when I was reading. I love your BAKE letters- I have the letter B already, mayhap I should get the other three letters and paint them for my kitchen.... You have inspired me to to a wee clean out of *something* this weekend- I have quite a few places to choose from. Since I have finished the big project I better do a cleanup before I work on anything else :)

  4. Hi Tania, I've stopped by from Find A Friend Friday. Love surfing your blog and you have made alot of beautiful things! Looking forward to seeing more of your creative works!


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