Friday, 11 May 2012

A little sunshine to brighten a gloomy day!

This past week I was awarded the Sunshine award for my blog, by the very lovely Carolynn over at Chenille Cottage. I was very humbled by this, as there are so many wonderful blogs out there, very deserving of the honour she bestowed on me! I gratefully accepted, and in doing so I need to answer a few questions about myself. I will try my best to get it right! goes...

What is your favourite colour?

Hmmm...this is an easy one. Red of course! But a deep cherry red. I love red shoes, red lipstick, red flowers, red hearts, red everything!

What is your favourite number?

Now, this is a tricky one. I am not superstitious, so I do not have a 'lucky' number. We are constantly surrounded by numbers all the time, but I never give them much thought. Never did at school either. My Maths teacher will tell you that perhaps I should have given them more thought! Let's see...numbers apply to so many spheres in life. When it comes to my inner being, I'll say my favourite numbers are: 43:1-3.
'Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you. For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior'. Isaiah 43:1-3
This scripture has sustained me through my life journey so far, and I know that I will never forget these numbers. I recall them often enough!

What is your favourite animal?

The answer to this question has changed from one thing to the next over the years. When I was younger I was absolutely mesmerised by Bottle Nose Dolphins. Their friendly nature, intelligence and beauty was something I studied in depth. I was also privy to a side show in a little boat in the middle of the ocean one day, when a whole school surrounded us, leaping joyfully out of the water and splashing so near me that I got soaked! I do so love them still, but I admire the nature of elephants, their parental instincts, and how they look out for their young. I love deer, there delicate features accompanied by the sheer strength they can display. Oh my, I'm in a quandary...I cannot pick a favourite...

What is your favourite non-alcoholic beverage?

Coffee. Every morning. Every day.

Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?

To me it has to be Facebook. As we live so far from our family in South Africa, and other places all over the globe, this is essential for us to keep connected. I still feel a part of their lives, as I can check in daily and see what everyone's up to. I know when a new baby is on the way, when someone is celebrating something important, and sometimes even what they've had for breakfast! You know, all the important stuff! :)

What is my passion?

One thing's for sure when it comes to answering this one. I am a very passionate person! I am passionate about so many things. Firstly, I am passionate about the gift of life that I have been given, a life full of love, joy and blessings. This life I have, I have through my Heavenly Father. I live to serve Him, in everything I am and in everything I do. I am very passionate about being a wife, a mum, and a homemaker. Everything I do, I do to serve my family and to create a happy home life for them. On a very personal level, I am passionate about creating. I believe that my Creator has created me with a deep desire to be creative, and I live this out on a daily basis. Making, re-purposing, sewing, cooking...and in doing so 'making every day beautiful'!

Do you prefer giving or receiving?

Receiving. Full stop. This shocks you? Let me explain. I suppose 'technically' I prefer giving. Nothing brings me more joy than to bless someone by giving to them, be it a gift, time, attention, love, hugs, the list goes on. But, what you receive in return, you know, a warm smile, a hug, a thank you, or the knowledge that you've made a difference to someone's day or someone's life, that warms my heart!

What is your favourite pattern?

Polkadots. And more polkadots. And polkadots!

What is your favourite day of the week?

Today. It's a gift from above.

What is your favourite flower?

Easy question! Ranunculus! They are exuberant, delicate, shaped to perfection! ♥♥♥

Name five of your favourite blogs?

Oh man...This is tough! There are way too many to narrow it down. I'll try...I'd love to nominate these for a Sunshine award: 

Sweet Vintage Rose Cottage
This blog is written by a lady with a beautiful soul, and an eye for creating beauty around her. Visiting her blog is like a big, warm hug!

365-Days of gratitude
A personal journal of gratitude and reflection. I get my daily dose of encouragement from this one!

Country Rabbit
Pure eye candy! Kazzy is a very creative lady, who lives in the most beautiful part of England (I think!), and she shares her life and loves with us. She takes the most beautiful pictures!

Hen House
For vintage loveliness and homeliness, the British way!

Tuppence Ha'penny
Charlotte is a lady with style and poise! A very inspiring blog for the vintage fashionista!

So, there you have it. A bit about me. I'd like to say one last big thank you to Carolynn, for nominating  'Sew a Little Love' for a Sunshine blog award. I'm chuffed to bits! Do pop over to my nominated blogs and say 'hello'. Just click on the links provided. Have a happy weekend my lovelies!

Tania ♥♥♥


  1. Hello beautiful Tania, Congratulations on your award! It is well deserved dear heart! Your lovely blog and sweet friendship bring sunshine and joy into my life and all those that know you! Thank you so much for giving this award to me! I am so honored and grateful sweetie! I love the other blogs you nominated as well! It was wonderful to learn more about you! I love your favorite numbers for the scripture! Those verses are beautiful and such a comfort! My passions are the same as yours! You expressed yourself beautifully, as you always do! You are a very godly woman and a wonderful mum, wife, homemaker and friend! I am so very blessed to know you! Your heart for Jesus is apparent in all you do dearest! I hope you have a lovely weekend sweet friend! Much love, Paula xoxo

  2. Dear sweet Tania!
    Oh, I love your Sunshine Award post...and, you, my dear, are so very deserving! I love visiting you and always feel encouraged and lifted up! You are truly a cuppa joy! How clever you are to post such cute photos along with your ten questions! Adorable...each one! It's so fun learning more about you, my sweet sister-in-Christ! We love a lot of the same things...It's clear to see! We're kindred spirits in so many ways!
    I am honored to be the one to nominate you...You are a darling testimony of God's love!
    Have a wonderful Mother's day, my darling friend!
    Carolynn xoxo

  3. I love red too....weird coincidence, I bought a vintage red and white polka dot dress and I am going to attempt to remake it in the style you showed!!!!!

  4. Ooh...that sounds lovely! You must share some pictures of you in it! ♥


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