Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Our little wall of fame

Do you also love looking at photographs, and reminiscing about days gone by? I do. Having been a keen scrapbook enthusiast for some time, I often get the albums out and pour over the pages, taking a little wander down memory lane. But, unlike some home stylists who keep photos confined to album pages and drawers, I like to display them in our home. For a long time now I have wanted to create a special space, a wall of fame (or shame, depending on how you look at it!) in our home. As we finally got round to giving the stairs and landing a fresh lick of paint, I thought it the perfect opportunity to turn the wall on the upstairs landing into just this! It has slowly evolved over the last couple of weeks, and I'm not quite done yet, but I thought I'd show you how I'm getting on. The first step was to move my beloved blue French cupboard upstairs. I used this, and a beautiful large multi-frame that I was given for my birthday last year as the focal point. And so I set to work...

Our little wall of fame!

I decided that I wanted to display more than just photos on this wall, to add more visual interest. So I've added a few of my favourite things!

Handmade mosaic art tile, made by my daughter

Giant altered peg
I found this delightful giant peg at Hobbycraft. I painted it, decoupaged and distressed it, and added embellishments. Voila!

Pictured in black and white photo: Hubby and I
Photo in colour: Hubby's grandparents, Gogo and Poppy
 The glass 'frames' used above are actually small glass serving dishes from Ikea. I merely glued the photographs to the back of the dishes using acid-free, clear drying glue around the edges. I was very pleased with the result, as you can't see a trace of glue through the plate! The delicate flower in the little frame was a thrifting find.

This gorgeous mirrored frame was a gift from a friend. I adapted it slightly to fit in with my chosen colours, by opening it up at the back, inserting some ribbon, and re-gluing it shut. Tied into a bow it looks very girly. Just the way I like it!

I added a hand sewn set of wings for interest to the wall. I love using fabric, in any shape or form I can, because it softens the look and adds a cosy touch.

Multi frame focal point

The mini garland has found a permanent home. For now at least...

I painted the two small wooden frames, distressed them, and then joined them using fabric ribbon stapled to the back. Again, a little fabric love!

A few finishing touches...hand sewn cupcake, strawberry, handmade boat and Tilda angel.

And finally...the birds...Hopefully a little friendlier than Hitchcock's variety!

So, our photo wall is coming together. I'm sure to share a little more with you over the coming weeks as I add to it. Hope you've enjoyed taking a peek! I would love to hear what you do with your beloved snaps! Do leave a comment below.

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  1. This is gorgeous! I always want to create something like this, but find it hard to get this look right, if that makes any sense. This is so lovely, with all the little touches, like the bow, the peg, the wings! I love the wings! I would love something like this for my daughter's wall. xxx


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