Monday, 13 February 2012

Little I love you's...

How do you say 'I love you'? Do you like big gestures, long sentences, maybe warm hugs? Every year Valentine's day comes, and I look the other way, ignoring it as if it's an irritating nag. I don't like the commercialism surrounding it, and certainly won't be told when to indulge in romance. I get bored easily with the predictable, and so choose not to participate in the supermarkets' idea of romantic gestures. But, this year I've decided to embrace a little of the sentiment behind it, and to use the 14th of February to show  my loved ones that they're loved, in a fun and inexpensive way! I have spent pennies on a few treats for the kidlets, and have crafted them into something a little more interesting, and decided that hubby would be treated in the same way! Some ideas have come from the lovely online community out there, and some are just my own silliness, but I'd like to show you that 'I love you' doesn't have to be accompanied by big expense. Here are some of the treats they'll be enjoying throughout the day. I have decided to hide them in places where they are bound to find them...pants drawers...inside their shoes, hanging on the key rack...etc. You get the idea!

Treat no. 1...

Banana sweets in cellophane bags...'I'm bananas for you!'
 Some Millions....

'Million's' made into butterfly, saying 'You're one in a million!' (I made blue butterflies for the boys)
Nothing says 'I love you' like flowers...well, lollipops do just just as well!

Hubby likes nuts...

Some chocolate of course!

And what about some jaw-breaking fireballs to spice up your love life?

I added a little love note saying 'Come on baby, light my fire...' (Cheesy enough you think?)

So, saying 'I love you' need not break the bank! All the little treats have been eagerly hidden for the kiddies and hubby to wake up to. I'll let you know how it all goes down! Night-night! ♥♥♥

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