Tuesday, 19 July 2011

All sorted!

Phew! At last I've managed to sort out my little sewing corner! When hubby first built me my lovely desk, I spent hours burning the midnight oil to get it looking picture perfect. Of course I mean picture perfect as I see it, not necessarily perceived in the same way by others. I'm one of these over obsessed people who cannot concentrate on anything (like sewing), when my surroundings are a mess! Even the odd paperclip, if not packed away, would drive me doo-lally. But, that was a year and a half ago, and after sewing many seams and lots of hollowfibre-stuffing later, my little corner was looking shabby, and was missing the chic. Of course it's encountered the old feather duster and hoover nozzle from time to time, but that's about it. Having said that, sometimes it went for a l-o-n-g time before that even happened! I can't believe I'm about to tell you this, but one day I was looking for something on the shelves. I hadn't done any sewing for a while, so hadn't actually paid any attention to my little getaway corner. Guess what I found...A very fuzzy, mouldy pear, which I can only assume my toddler (who was big into climbing at the time!) must have put up there during one of his explorations.Yuck! I kid you not!

But, thankfully, I've put on the old domestic goddess cap, and have taken to spit and polish with renewed vigour. I'm so proud of my efforts, and in the event of it being short lived, I thought I'd share some pictures with you, if only to act as incentive in the event of standards ever slipping again!

Everything tidied!
It took me hours again just to decide what to put where. You won't believe how difficult it is to find a place for everything when space is at a premium!

The back of the shelves are lined with wall paper that I bought for a mere £1 per roll! As we say in in the UK: Cheap as chips! I love, love, love roses, so I was chuffed to bits when I stumbled upon it in our local DIY store. It's been nearly two years, but I haven't grown tired of it yet!

Something has to be said for piles of yummy, gorgeous fabric, all neatly folded and stacked like freshly laundered towels. According to one of my dear friends, she has her own precious pile of tidy towels in the bathroom. They look very inviting, but when her kids help themselves to a towel from the pile, she makes it known to all that THOSE are only for display, and that the ones for use should be retrieved from the cupboard! My kinda gal...(Before long I'm going to have to tuck into my stash of fabric if I'm going to make anything! But until then, I'll just sit and stare at it's loveliness!)

Lace, lace, and more lace!

I have a very unhealthy obsession with lace, and have to have serious words with myself not to deck every nook and cranny out with Victorian abundance! I have to remind myself that a little goes a long way...for now.

I'll leave you with a few of the finishing touches. I would love to hear what inspires you in your creative zone, and do share some pictures if you like!


  1. I looOOOooove your little toadstools. SO cute!! Your whole sewing nook looks fabulous! :)

  2. Wow, it's beautiful. I'm embarrassed.
    I keep saying I'm going to work on my sewing room. Maybe you just gave me the kick in the pants I needed.

  3. I have plans to repaint my sewing room and do some light remodeling. Will show pics of mine once it is done! You have inspired me to get busy!

  4. Aaaw...glad you ladies liked it. Would love to see where you spend your creative hours!


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