Sunday, 17 July 2011

Rita Hayworth or Vera Duckworth?

Gorgeous Olga creation

Vintage nightgowns: Is there anything that encompasses feminine beauty and grace more than these glamorous, beautiful creations? I for one am totally in love with the flattering designs of Olga Erteszek, who started one of the most successful lingerie companies in 1948. The leading ladies of the silver screen were often pictured in elegant gowns, none more so than Ginger Rogers, who also had a stab at designing her own range of lingerie and nightgowns.

Now, imagine my excitement when I found a gorgeous vintage St. Michael's nightgown at a bootsale, one which set me back £2! No, really. That's it, TWO! I was so delighted as it is a perfect fit, and in mint condition. My balloon was momentarily deflated though, when I showed it to some of the ladies who attended the recent Clothes Swap that I hosted. Imagine my utter horror when someone said it's reminiscent of Vera Duckworth! We loved you Vera, bless your soul, but honestly?! 

Beloved Vera from British soap
Coronation Street
I was thinking Rita Hayworth, not Vera Duckworth. For those of you who are slightly in the dark, let me paint a picture: My dear friend said it reminded her of a lady with curlers in her hair, hanging over her neighbour's fence, cigarette in hand. In other words, Fag-ash-Lil! I think not. Let me replace that image for you.

Here is my bootsale find. Now, I might not quite be Rita's equal, but I think if she were to wear this nightgown, it would do her justice. The lace panel is sheer gorgeousness, and the lovely cascading layers of chiffon is delightful!

So, I might not wear this every night as I'm tucked up in bed. After all, a lot has to be said for comfy cotton Marks and Sparks jammies! But, occasionally I might allow myself the luxury of starlet glamour!

Have you ever considered to wear your nightwear out on the town? I'm not talking about your bare minimums! Ladies in the seventies often wore nightgowns as evening wear, and it's a trend that has been spotted more recently too.

Here is the very beautiful Eva Mendez rocking
what looks like a re-fashioned vintage nightgown.
If done tastefully, it can be a hit. So, I'm thinking I
might look out for a little number that is crying out for
a make-over. As for my lovely St. Michael's
vote goes to Rita. What do you think?


  1. rita!!....although i can see vera in it with her curlers off and with a bit of blusher and with a mani and pedi with some fluffy high heels on!

  2. Rita gets my's gorgeous <3


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