Wednesday, 5 January 2011

And sew it's here

Well, 2011 has crept up on me stealthily, unexpectedly it seems, and I'm not quite ready with 2010's loose ends still hanging. This is my very first post ever, an attempt at procrastination me thinks, as there is so much else to do. Christmas is still lingering, with decorations still occupying every corner of the house, and lots of mundane jobs flagging up a red alert in every room. But hey, I think it's all about priorities, and while my wee toddler is napping, I shall make the most of a few quiet moments to reflect....

Christmas and new year celebrations still fresh in my mind, I'd like to share some pickies of our festivities. It was a truly wonderful time, manic, with one craft fair after another, and the celebrations itself seemed to fly by on wings of blissfull chaos. I'm still catching my breath....

Needless to say, I'd like to wish one and all a very blessed new year! May the best of 2010 be the worst of 2011!


  1. Hello blog world!! You need to add this blog to your favourites - I just know there are great things coming! Go go super sew girl!! Dawn xXx

  2. Excellent! looking forward to being entertained by your musings. I wish you a blessed and happy 2011 and may Sew a little Love last a lot longer xxx
    ps thanks for a super New Years Eve Party

  3. Wow...brilliant and well done you! Cannot wait for more installments and for you to share the many beautiful things you have made...hurrah and 3 cheers for Sew Super Girl! Jaycloth Girl xx

  4. Tan, this is simply superb, I am so proud of you girlfriend. I got a feeling oooooooooo that this year's gonna be a good year, that this year's gonna be a good year for 'Sew a little love.' Well done.

  5. From your Mom and Dad on the other side of the Globe - What a pleasant surprise your Blog is - arty and enjoyable! Love and huggies to our pride and joy, Lauren, Nathan and Ruben..... O gaats! amper vir Graham vergeet, ons liefde en groete vir hom ook - Lekker bly!


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