Thursday, 20 January 2011

Where I create.....

Life gets so busy. Amidst all the running and juggling, I often desire to steal a few moments just to sit in my little spot, to think, daydream and plan the next project. In a house with three young kidlets, space is at a premium. For a long time I longed to just have a tiny corner to call my own, my very own patch where I can be creative. After lots of thinking, planning and debating, my dear hubby built me a lovely desk in the corner of our livingroom. This space was all I could find as our third bubba kicked me out of what used to be the spareroom! It is perfect though, as I can beaver away in the company of the rest of the family during the day, and enjoy the quiet at night when they're all tucked away upstairs in bed.

I have already enjoyed many hours of sewing in my little oasis, and look forward to many more creative moments! I have had a bit of a tidy, and thought I'd share some photos whilst it stays that way!

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