Friday, 8 January 2016

52 Snaps of Gratitude

Happy new year everyone! Can you believe the first week of 2016 is nearly done and dusted? I am usually in a rather melancholy, reflective mood at the commencement of another year, but this time round I am feeling excited and quite optimistic! I am not big on resolutions. Full stop. I know that there are probably certain changes that I need to make to live a healthier life, but I am not about to jump on the January-gym-wagon! No doubt I will fall right off and injure myself! But I will move more! As for other things, such as my blog, well, sometimes I feel like I have just no clear direction with it, and whilst I am doing my 'new year re-evaluating', I think it might be a good idea to weed this little garden too! This has been a place for sharing creative pursuits, my little corner to record the things I enjoy and feel passionate about. That, I am sure, will continue. But, I will endeavour to commit to a regular weekly post, with a clear purpose in mind, as my posting had a been a little sporadic!

Over Christmas we had some friends over, and discussion soon turned to having an attitude of gratitude. Everyone was sharing how blessed they felt, and it got me thinking. A really good friend of mine wrote her own blog a few years ago, '365 Days of Gratitude'. Everyday she would share something that she was grateful for, blessings that come in all forms, on all kinds of days, whether the days were 'good or bad'. I always felt touched and inspired by her words. When you are committed to looking for the blessing in every day, you can't help but feel thankful. This can have a profound effect on your perspective, your joy and your sense of what matters in life. I have decided that I want to live a more mindful life this year, and so I will be introducing a new feature on here.

Those who know me, will know that I love a good picture...a snap at the end of the camera lens. I am rather fond of  Instagram, recording moments in my day to share with a community of like minded people. I have met some really lovely souls, and the daily glimpses into their lives have opened my eyes to a beautiful world, and beautiful lives beyond my own. So, I thought that I will attempt a weekly journal of sorts, a snap of gratitude to share on here at the end of my week. The idea would be to capture and share one image a week, and I will do this every Friday. And guess what? It's Friday!

This past week has certainly been a bit like walking through Willy Wonka's crazy world of pick-me-ups and push-me-downs! There has been celebrating, laughing, crying, getting back to work and facing daily challenges already. But, it has been good. The 1st of January kicked off with a giant Wonka bar of golden deliciousness so to speak...A family celebration spent around a gooey, cheesy fondue pot to see the new year on it's way. We spent time eating, laughing and playing Jenga. I think that it is so important for families to make the time to look each other in the eyes, to talk and share food together. I baked a special cake, a naked vanilla cake, decorated with meringue, honeycomb and candy floss. I think even Mr. Wonka's teeth would cringe at THAT amount of sugar, but it was good...Together we celebrated the end of a year, and the start of another. And so the first pick of gratitude snaps, is this one. I am so thankful for for being able to celebrate, even when there is no calender stipulation for it. May you too celebrate the every day, the seemingly simple things in life, for (quote), 'one day you will realize they were the big things'.

If you would like to join me in my 52 snaps of gratitude journey, it would tckle me pink! Share your own pictures on your blog if your write one, Instagram, or Facebook  using  the hashtag #52snapsofgratitude, and tag me in it. Your pictures can be anything that you are grateful for. Share away!


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  1. Absolutely lovely post and reminder to ensure we conscientiously count our blessings of all sizes each day.

    Happiest New Year's wishes!
    ♥ Jessica


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